Dhaka, Jan. 24 -- Nasiruddin Molla, a ride-hailing motorcyclist in Dhaka, took off his sunglasses and showed his eyes as he shared his everyday plight while waiting for passengers at Agargaon.

"Just look at my eyes, they always remain red and dull. Everyone asks me if I haven't washed my face in the morning. I suffer like this due to dust not just in winter but also when the sun shines. On top of this, I suffer from asthma and allergies."

"I can't even wear decent attire for a single day," a frustrated Nasiruddin said.

Afsar Mia, a rickshaw puller from Azimpur shared an experience similar to Nasiruddin. "I have been working as a rickshaw puller for the past 10 years. The situation is just the same. I can't breathe and my eyes burn. Als...