New Delhi, May 15 -- : Amid the prevailing coronavirus crisis in the country, the India Air Force's (IAF) IL-76 airlifted three empty cryogenic oxygen containers from Mumbai to Kuwait for refilling on Friday.

As per Indian Air Force, another two IAF C-130s airlifted 410 oxygen cylinders from Bangkok to Hindon Air Base.

Additionally, within the country, IAF aircraft C-17s airlifted two oxygen tankers from Hindon to Ranchi, two from Yelahanka to Bhubaneswar, two from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar and two from Madurai to Ranchi.

Apart from this, other IAF aircraft C-17s are bringing three oxygen tankers from Sulur to Panagarh.

According to the Indian Air Force spokesperson, the Indian Air Force has till now carried out 696 sorties within the co...