New Delhi, June 30 -- : The Centre received Rs 45,498 crore (2.03 per cent of corresponding BE 2020-21 of total receipts) up to May 2020, and the total expenditure incurred by it is Rs 5,11,841 crore (16.82 per cent of corresponding BE 2020-21).

According to a release that reflects the consolidated monthly account of the Centre, the sum received includes Rs 33,850 crore tax revenue (Net to Centre), Rs 10,817 crore of non-tax revenue and Rs 831 crore of non-debt capital receipts.

Rs 92,077 crore has been transferred to state governments as devolution of share of taxes by the Centre up to this period which is Rs 7,010 crore lower than the previous year.

The total expenditure incurred by the Government of India in this duration is Rs 5,11,8...