New Delhi (India), July 12 -- : Presenting the life and hardships faced by mathematician Anand Kumar, Hrithik Roshan has earned humongous admiration for his flawless performance in 'Super 30'.

From filmmaker Karan Johar to actors, including Kriti Sanon and Farhan Akhtar, everyone is congratulating the actor and makers for the masterpiece.

Karan Johar penned his heart out in a tweet and wrote, "Super 30 has a hugely strong and relevant message!!!! It has heart-wrenching moments that move you to tears! Hrithik Roshan is so so brilliant!!!!! Nuanced.. assured...rock solid and yet always the movie star you want him and love him to be!!!"

Continuing the praise of the actor, he went on writing, "He is OUTSTANDING!!!!! Congratulations to Sajid!...