New Delhi, Nov. 9 -- : Soon after Supreme Court pronounced its verdict in the Ayodhya title dispute; several hashtags like 'HinduMuslimBhaiBhai' and 'AyodhyaVerdict' were seen among the top trends on Twitter in India and worldwide on Saturday.

'AyodhyaVerdict' was the top trend across the globe with over 206K tweets while 'HinduMuslimBhaiBhai' was trending fourth worldwide with over 18.7K tweets.

"Today will be a historic day irrespective of the verdict. Let's make sure history remembers us as agents of peace and harmony. Let's make sure we counter the agents of hate and communalism with love and unity. Let's make humanity trend. #hindumuslimbhaibhai," one Twitter user said.

While three out of the top ten global trends on Twitter were ab...