New Delhi (India), Nov. 9 -- : After impressing fans with his acting skills, Bollywood's 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar, who is set to debut into music, released the soulful track 'Filhaal' on Saturday.

The soft melody, which stars Kriti Sanon's younger sister Nupur, is sure to touch the right emotional strings in you. The song shows Akshay and Nupur caught in a painful love story.

The eloquent track starts with Akshay as a doctor when he hears of a patient arriving at the emergency ward. He later finds out that it is his ex-lover Nupur, who meets with an accident and is lying with blood gushing out of her body.

As soon as Akshay sees his separated love lying unconscious, he renumerates the time spent with his lady love and under what circumsta...