The Fight Of Invisible People For Survival: We Are Ignoring Our Elderly

India, July 10 -- Privilege is having a home and having food and staying quarantined. Yes staying quarantined and saving ourselves from the coronavirus is a privilege. As a research scholar at Jawahar... Read More

Don't Let Disasters Like COVID-19 Take Their Dreams, Let Girls Study

India, July 10 -- After the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean, a term called "tsunami marriages" was in use to describe 'forced early marriages' of young girls to older men. There were reports of girls... Read More

"I Feel Like Throwing Up At The Patriarchy Of The Society"

India, July 10 -- I was 16 years old when people were throwing statements and adjudicating me about how malnourished I looked, how jocular my buck teeth were, how icky my hair was, and compelled that ... Read More

On Mental Health: "Our System Is Non-Conducive To Failure And Talent"

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These 4 Powerful Stories Narrate The Importance Of Financial Empowerment For Women

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Women Have Representation In The Indian Parliament, But Something Is Missing

India, July 10 -- We always talk about giving equal rights and position to women in society but never thinking of whether women are enjoying it at all. In the 20th-century, women are enjoying more leg... Read More

Opinion: Nepotism Is More Of A Traditional Practice Than A Social Issue In India

India, July 9 -- Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, according to Lexico Dictionary. I usually consult the ... Read More

100+ Ecologists, Activists Write To Ministers To Reject Hubballi Ankola Rail Project

India, July 9 -- A group of 120 concerned ecologists and activists, including several residents of the affected districts, have written to Mr Prakash Javadekar (Union Environment Minister), B.S. Yeddy... Read More

Opinion: Here Are Some Scientific Myths Behind Hindu Temples

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Consequences Of Our Obsession With Plastic During The Pandemic

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