Don't Cage Children In The Shackles Of Caste: Let Them Fly, Let Them Learn

India, March 30 -- Several people love children and work for them. But there's always been a difference that has existed between rural and urban children in Indian society. Children hailing from rura... Read More

"The COVID-19 Outbreak Is Just An Excuse To Discriminate Against Us."

India, March 30 -- Racial slurs no longer bother Athoibee Kakchingtabam, a native of Manipur. However, it gets deeply hurtful when it comes from a 10-year-old child. In her 6-month short stint in New ... Read More

The War Against Coronavirus: Making Sure No One Goes To Sleep Hungry

India, March 30 -- We are sure once this 'war-lockdown' will be over, many Prime Ministers and Presidents would go back to their drawing boards and curse themselves on why they didn't utilise those fu... Read More

Poetry: Dear Society, Do You Have Any Cure!

India, March 29 -- "Life is not betrayal all the time sometimes people around us are lethal." Dear society, Thanks for shaking our mind. Thanks for realizing, how we are caged, how we are living our ... Read More

Opinion: You Can Whitewash The Graffiti At Jamia, But Not Our Memories

India, March 29 -- I will never forget the date, 12th December, 2019. It was a usual December evening, I was in my hostel room preparing for the exam the next day. At around seven in the evening, som... Read More

Poetry: And You Ask Me, Am I Okay?

India, March 29 -- For anyone who has gone through the difficult phase and tough times, your hearts must have felt the pain, rejection, and disappointment. I can very well relate to these heavy emotio... Read More

Poem: Hourglass

India, March 29 -- "Oh, you are a girl, and girls should stay in limits." Mum said to me in every bit. I'm a traveler, an explorer, a storyteller, yet, here I'm talking about the limits I live by. "... Read More

Dear Children, Accept, Celebrate, And End Bullying

India, March 29 -- I was questioned about the circumstances of a gay child in school. I thought that the child would face bullying, regardless. The thought was true, but horrific. So I address this le... Read More

The Coronavirus Avalanche: Why Community Policing Is A Necessity Now

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Can Humans Evolve With Time Like Technology Does?

India, March 29 -- With evolving technology, human beings must evolve too. "I lost my precious data. Do you know how to recover it?" In this situation, what should one do? Change passwords immediately... Read More