"Gold-Backed" Crypto Token"s Promoter Investigated by Florida Regulators

India, Oct. 7 -- Florida regulators are investigating Karatbars, a German company that"s been promoting a token tied to a Miami "crypto bank" without any banking license in the state. - Karatbars pre... Read More

Why STOs are the Future: An Interview with Marvin Steinberg

India, Oct. 5 -- A few years ago, Marvin Steinberg was a young ping-pong player with a bright athletic future ahead of him. An injury shattered that dream, forcing him to give up the sport and focus o... Read More

Smart Infotainer: ZENEC Z-N328 convinces testers

India, Oct. 4 -- After the great success of its 2-DIN infotainers Z-N326 and Z-N426, the Swiss multimedia specialist ZENEC (http://www.zenec.com/) is now launching the successor model, the Z-N328, equ... Read More

Welcome to the Apex of PC Performance Intelligence - New System Mechanic 19.5 Is Here

India, Oct. 3 -- System Mechanic Pro boasts an unprecedented power output that's got everyone talking. iolo engineers have uncovered even more Windows services that can be temporarily disabled to supe... Read More

Hemorrhoids in increasing age: With LHP laser therapy and a healthy lifestyle less problems!

Jena, Oct. 2 -- Everyone is having hemorrhoids and these are necessary for the fine adjustment of the stool. However, the causes of hemorrhoidal disease are not yet fully understood. It is believed th... Read More

ScaleUp 360 Industry of Things: the Online IIoT Event

India, Oct. 1 -- On November 21-22 2019, ScaleUp 360 Industry of Things brings together more than 200 IIoT specialists and manufacturing and process optimization experts to present their challenges an... Read More

OLG Celle: Plant-based product can be designated as alternative to cheese

India, Oct. 1 -- A purely plant-based product can be promoted as an alternative to cheese. The Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Celle, the Higher Regional Court of Celle, ruled that this kind of advertising is... Read More

A Global Destination in Bangkok Launches OneSiam Application

India, Oct. 1 -- Siam Piwat Co.Ltd., the world-renowned retail and development company in Thailand whose operation oversees the management of the global destination "OneSiam" contain with Siam Paragon... Read More

Swiss producer HTS Global AG

India, Sept. 30 -- HTS Global AG is an international corporation with offices, representatives and agents around the world. Our global presence allows us to serve the needs of our customers all over t... Read More

Comtrend Integrates KDPOF"s Gigabit Ethernet POF for Home Networks

India, Sept. 30 -- KDPOF - a leading supplier for gigabit silicon transceivers over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) - proudly announces that Comtrend has implemented their Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) tec... Read More