What the rat? Rats drive cars to collect food

USA, Oct. 28 -- Researchers at Richmond University have taught rats to drive cars to collect food, relaxing them in the process. The experiment was conducted by behavioral neuroscience professor Dr K... Read More

Over the moon: NASA to send a mobile robot to hunt water

USA, Oct. 26 -- The US space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has planned to send a mobile robot to the South Pole of the Moon to hunt for water. Volatiles Investigating ... Read More

Two girls found dead, mother arrested in Perth suburbs

Australia, Oct. 26 -- Police have arrested a woman after the bodies of her two young daughters were found in a house in Perth's northern suburbs on Friday. Police were called to the Bogdanich Way pro... Read More

Australia permanently closes climb on sacred Uluru

Australia, Oct. 26 -- Authorities permanently closed the climb on sacred Uluru at 4 pm Friday, and stopped any more people from making the trek. Ascent to the sacred rock formation has been closed to... Read More

Zara Noor Abbas. up, up and away!

Australia, Oct. 26 -- The year 2019 has seen many ups and downs when it comes to films and TV; not many films have done well in cinemas whereas TV doesn't offer anything new to its viewers. However, o... Read More

US to deploy more troops in eastern Syria near oilfields

USA, Oct. 25 -- The United States will deploy additional forces in eastern Syria to protect oilfields in another policy shift that contradicts Trump's controversial decision earlier this month to with... Read More

World-first floating hotel in a shambles as Kim Jong-un seeks renovations

South Korea, Oct. 25 -- After a 14,000-kilometre journey that saw it sit for more than a decade in North Korean waters, Townsville's former Barrier Reef Floating Resort - the world's first floating ho... Read More

Delays on Monash Freeway after car crash

Australia, Oct. 24 -- Drivers face delay on the freeway near the Melbourne suburb of Chadstone after a crash was reported earlier in the day. A car had rammed into the back of a broken-down truck on ... Read More

Bangladesh cricketers reach a deal with BCB, call off strike

Bangladesh, Oct. 24 -- Bangladesh cricketers reach a deal with the cricket board and call off strike after a successful meeting on Wednesday night. Cricket Board President Nazmul Hasan Papon told med... Read More

Heat camera at tourist attraction spots woman's breast cancer

Scotland, Oct. 24 -- Heat Camera helped a tourist spot a thermal anomaly, later diagnosed as breast cancer, during a family visit to the attraction site in Edinburgh. Bal Gill was at the Camera Obscu... Read More