Australia uses adorable 'Quokka selfies' to promote tourism

ROTTNEST, Oct. 30 -- The adorable 'Quokka selfies' have elevated the Rottnest Island ordinaries into superstars, as they star in an upcoming Tourism Australia ad. Unsurprisingly, the $38 million glob... Read More

Protesters demand ouster of corrupt politicians, accountability in Lebanon

Lebanon, Oct. 30 -- Thousands of protesters have demanded the fall of the government after Prime Minister Saad Hariri's resignation and said this was merely an initial victory in a long-term battle. ... Read More

French carmaker Peugeot in merger talks with Fiat Chrysler to create $50 bn company

PARIS, Oct. 30 -- Peugeot Societe Anonyme (PSA) Group, the owner of Peugeot, is planning a merger with its US-Italian rival carmaker, Fiat Chrysler. The estimated combined value of the merger would a... Read More

WhatsApp sues Israeli firm over targeted cyber attack

WASHINGTON DC, Oct. 30 -- Social media communication application WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group, alleging the firm was behind cyber attacks that infected dev... Read More

Tiger Woods wins 82nd title to level PGA Tour record for most victories

Japan, Oct. 30 -- Tiger Woods leveled the PGA Tour record of 82 tournament wins with victory at the Zozo Championship. The 43-year-old world number 10 had seven holes to finish in Japan on Monday as ... Read More

Great Barrier Reef to go extinct in 12 years: climate report

Australia, Oct. 29 -- Queensland's current carbon emissions would cause the extinction of most of the Great Barrier Reef within 12 years if replicated worldwide, a new report revealed. The report by ... Read More

Emergency declared as massive wildfires erupt in California

USA, Oct. 29 -- California authorities have declared a state of emergency in response to raging wildfires and ordered more than 180,000 people to evacuate and. More than two million people have been l... Read More

Man arrested after mosque attack in France

France, Oct. 29 -- French police have arrested a man suspected of shooting and seriously wounding two men outside a mosque in southwest France. An 84-year-old man opened fire when the two victims, ag... Read More

Witnesses testify before New Zealand child abuse commission

WELLINGTON, Oct. 29 -- New Zealand: In a two-week public hearing, survivors of child abuse testified before a New Zealand state commission. The commission publicly quizzed witnesses in a large-scale ... Read More

BCB lead indicates Captain Shakib Al Hasan could miss India tour

Bangladesh, Oct. 28 -- Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan has said that some players could skip the upcoming tour of India, citing Captain Shakib Al Hasan's name specifically. Mohammad ... Read More