Pilot dies as two Eurofighter jets crash after midair collision

BERLIN, June 25 -- Two Eurofighter military jets have crashed in the northeastern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after colliding in the air. Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe, said th... Read More

Wind turbines killing endangered birds species

PERTH, June 25 -- A conservation group has warned that the giant wind turbines are proving a hazard to birds especially for the endangered species. Though wind energy is considered a clean and enviro... Read More

PM Scott Morrison's 'war on red tape'

SYDNEY, June 25 -- Red tape, one of the politic's softest targets, faces a new bonfire from Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised to "bust regulatory congestion" -... Read More

400 schools closed after latest 'air pollution' incident in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, June 25 -- As students faced breathing issues and vomiting, some 400 schools in a state of Malaysia were closed. The schools were closed in the Malaysian state of Johor after 75 student... Read More

Religious leaders urges Australian PM to show moral leadership on climate change issue

SYDNEY, June 25 -- Religious leaders have called upon Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to demonstrate moral leadership on climate change. More than 150 religious leaders - including the heads... Read More

Indian police arrest ringleader of mob beaten Muslim man to death

NEW DELHI, June 25 -- Indian police arrested the ringleader of who tortured a Muslim man for hours to death. The mob had forced the victim to shout Hindu slogan before death. A 10-minute video of th... Read More

Trump says not seeking war with Iran

WASHINGTON, June 24 -- US President Donald Trump has reiterated his stance that he was not seeking war with said he is not seeking war with Iran. The President comments came at a time when he dispatc... Read More

ABC challenges Australian Federal Police's warrant to raids its head office

SYDNEY, June 24 -- The ABC has challenged the warrant the Australian Federal Police (AFP) served on the broadcaster. The broadcaster besides challenging the warrant also demanded the return of files ... Read More

Opposition candidate wins re-election of Istanbul's mayor

ISTANBUL, June 24 -- The opposition Republican People's Party candidate Ekrem Inanoglu won the re-run of Istanbul's mayoral election serving the biggest electoral blow to the Turkish President Recep T... Read More

11 misconceptions Sami Khan clears about himself

Islamabad, June 24 -- Sami Khan is one of the finest actors Pakistan has produced this century. Currently, he is appearing in two drama serials on TV - Inkaar and Ishq Zahe Naseeb - while his film Wro... Read More