Shipping costs at Mombasa port set to rise

Nairobi, Feb. 7 -- Kenya Ships Agents Association (KSAA) say importers should expected higher charges from this week as stakeholders assess the increasing insecurity from Yemen Houthis' claim of fresh... Read More

18 Kenyans aboard cruise ship among those affected by SID policy

Nairobi, Feb. 7 -- Eighteen Kenyan crew members aboard Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) cruise vessel which docked in East African ports last week will not be allowed to ashore in Mexico after the... Read More

Nigeria vs South Africa: A football match with political undertones

Nairobi, Feb. 7 -- Nigeria and South Africa are not often at war. But that doesn't mean they are greatest of pals. But they don't often afford to avoid each other. Somehow, and everywhere they go, th... Read More

Explainer: Why Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger want to exit Ecowas

Nairobi, Feb. 6 -- Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger have sent Ecowas, West Africa's main political union of 15 countries, a formal notice of their withdrawal from the bloc. The three countries are governe... Read More

How coach Desabre has revolutionised DRC national team

Nairobi, Feb. 6 -- In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), many had fallen out of the habit of using expatriate coaches. Since the Leopards' double triumph at the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) in... Read More

Kenya to acquire 300 SGR wagons by end of February

Nairobi, Feb. 6 -- Kenya has received fifty new standard gauge railway (SGR) wagons that are aimed at boosting the transport of cargo on the Chinese-built line. The wagons, procured for the Madaraka ... Read More

Ilhan Omar: The American politician 'serving' two countries

Nairobi, Feb. 6 -- American congresswoman Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy. But she probably did not expect that a low-key speech she made on January 27 to a gathering of Somali-Americans in M... Read More

Bound by blood, Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed says of Somalia

Nairobi, Feb. 6 -- Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday said he has no intention of going to war with Somalia, even though the re-emphasized his country's desire to have unfettered sea acce... Read More

Our leaders need to develop an EAC character that abhors NTBs

Nairobi, Feb. 5 -- When you see the East African Community wobbling around ineffectively, its rules and principles being casually flouted by member states, don't you get the feeling that some people s... Read More

Kenyan investors' dollar deposits hit $8.6bn by September

Nairobi, Feb. 5 -- Kenyan corporates and rich investors raised the dollar share of their deposits in banks to 70 percent as of September 2023, amid a biting shortage that has disrupted purchases of cr... Read More