Kenya in anti-Houthi coalition, seeking to protect own interests

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Kenya says it is staying in the US-led international coalition to beat back the Yemeni Houthi rebels, committing to a cause that guarantees certain US goodies but is also fraught w... Read More

Chinese tourists celebrate Lunar New Year on cruise ship

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Some 2,500 tourists arrived in Mombasa last weekend aboard the MSC Poesia, a cruise luxury ship, among them Chinese coming to celebrate the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival, ma... Read More

Kenya slashes Chinese tilapia imports by half

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Tilapia imports from China plunged 54.4 per cent last year as Kenya erected barriers against the delicacy from foreign sources to protect local fishermen and farmers. Data from Ch... Read More

EA central banks take divergent interest rate decisions

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- East African central banks are taking varying interest rate positions to protect fragile economies battered by inflation, depreciating currencies and global supply disruptions, sig... Read More

Uganda switches on last unit of Karuma Dam

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Uganda on Tuesday launched the last unit of the six turbines at the Karuma hydro-power plant, according to Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL). The 600MW dam is ... Read More

The lesson from Abidjan is that Afcon is war, and 2027 will be our turn to die

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- The Africa Cup of Nations is coming to a close in Cote d'Ivoire. What a delightful, crazy, and wild tournament it has been! The game on the field was the best it has been. The pass... Read More

Non-native ant species unsettles delicate savanna food ecosystem

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- In Kenya, an unassuming yet invasive ant species is disrupting the intricate balance of an ecosystem, ultimately influencing the hunting patterns of the continent's most iconic pre... Read More

'Toxic' obedience in Age of AI: Where are our vulnerabilities?

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- In an amazing heist, thieves in Hong Kong used AI to convince a man to transfer millions of dollars to them from the company he worked at. They did this by posing as his superior,... Read More

Pollution from cooking stove makes case for $6bn clean energy campaign

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- An annual investment of around $6 billion is needed in sub-Saharan Africa to combat the challenges posed by polluting stoves, a new report has said. The newly released 2023 Clean ... Read More

From adversity to artistry: Story of an ex-child soldier

Nairobi, Feb. 10 -- Young Peter Oloya was abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels in Northern Uganda and conscripted into its ranks as a child soldier. Oloya was only 11 in 1994, when the... Read More