The more the merrier, says Miano as EAC vets Somalia's bid to join the bloc

Nairobi, Jan. 29 -- Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for East African Community, Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Regional Development Rebecca Miano says a bigger East African Community spells opportunity for th... Read More

Museveni sees Uganda's economy grow by 'billions of dollars'

Nairobi, Jan. 29 -- President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday painted a bright future for Uganda's economy, which he projected to grow to billions of dollars in "a short time" riding on the newly launched... Read More

ChatGPT: Challenges and opportunities for financial services

Nairobi, Jan. 29 -- It's been decades since algorithmic trading transformed Wall Street with its high-frequency trading, and years since the financial services industry began to integrate artificial i... Read More

Rise in excise duty drains EABL sales, flattens profit

Nairobi, Jan. 29 -- The consistent rise in excise duty on alcohol in Kenya since last July has dipped East African Breweries Ltd's (EABL) sales in the country by one percent, flattening the group's pr... Read More

Tundu Lissu's return reawakens opposition in Tanzania

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- Tanzanian politician Tundu Lissu has energised opposition politics after he returned to the country from exile to a heroic welcome. But that rise may also come at a cost to opposit... Read More

Umeme, grain and coffee: Why Kenya should fear Uganda's economic gamble

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- Uganda, the 1990s shining Africa poster boy for privatisation, is engaging in what could be East Africa's biggest economic liberalisation reverse gear. Last year, the Uganda govern... Read More

Lissu is back as are opposition rallies; let the (fair) games begin

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- Half a decade has passed since the news of the shooting of Tundu Lissu in Dodoma broke over the political and journalist communities and swept into the general populace. Those were... Read More

Pontifical visit is a moment of truth for DRC, South Sudan

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- It is not every day that you see leaders of two of the world's largest religious denominations embark on a joint trip abroad. Yet that is exactly what the world will be witnessing ... Read More

The shame that's Kenya's social ill: Wealth inequality

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- A new Oxfam report has confirmed the unsustainable wealth inequality in Kenya. Oxfam's Kenya country director has termed this inequality a "social ill and a shame." This characteri... Read More

All teens want to be pilots; what of sadistic adults at the airport?

Nairobi, Jan. 28 -- If you ask a Ugandan kid in their lower teens or younger what they will be when they grow up, the most frequent answer you get is "pilot". This can be surprising because chances of... Read More