Problems of Tunisia's dairy production reflect wider agricultural crisis

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Alltech Dairy School guides producers in navigating the future of the industry

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Southwest/Southland Dairy Farmers CEO Comments on the Dairy Business: What's Up with Dairy?

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Ice cream manufacturers in India seek duty-free import of milk powders

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Producer versus Consumer: When cash returns to cows

New Delhi, Dec. 27 -- Amarsinh Kadam isn't sure how long Sonai Dairy at Indapur will continue paying the Rs 29-per-litre rate for the 250-odd litres of milk that it buys daily from him. This farmer fr... Read More

Study finds that consuming more dairy does not appear to impact longevity

New Delhi, Dec. 27 -- A recent study has found that people who consume relatively large amounts of milk, cheese and yogurt may not necessarily live any longer than those who don't, according to a repo... Read More

Si-Ellen dairy worker killed by feed truck

NEW DELHI, Dec. 27 -- A dairy worker died Thursday morning after a feed truck ran over him on a dairy in the Sugarloaf area southeast of town. Jerome County Sheriff's Office arrived at 539 S. 800 E. ... Read More

Canton Dairy Queen may soon be demolished

Canton, Dec. 26 -- After more than a year of sitting charred and vacant, the Gouverneur Street Dairy Queen may soon be demolished. At a village board meeting earlier this month, Canton Economic Devel... Read More

Mondelez India's Madbury campaign lets consumers create their own Cadbury Dairy Milk bar

New Delhi, Dec. 26 -- Mondelez India, the makers & bakers of some of India's leading snacking brands like Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5Star, Oreo, Bournvita etc., for the very first time throws open the doors... Read More

Animal husbandry department mulls random checks on dairy farms

New Delhi, Dec. 25 -- Two months after a survey released by the food safety and standards authority found carcinogenic aflatoxins in 70% of the milk samples collected from the district, the animal hus... Read More