UPS announces launch of self-storage service

U.S., Oct. 15 -- The logistics giants, UPS, has announced the launch of a new service called Storage on Demand. UPS' innovation enables its customers to request the delivery of empty storage bins dir... Read More

Largest software companies: Ivalua

U.S., Oct. 14 -- Founded in 2000, Ivalua provides software solutions to supply chain and procurement leaders to digitally transform their business processes. Ivalua helps over 300 leading companies w... Read More

3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe 2019 begins

U.S., Oct. 14 -- The 3PL & Supply Chain Summit, Europe's most influential meeting point for the supply chain industry gets underway today. The three-day event which takes place in Brussels, Belgium w... Read More

Largest software companies: Kinaxis

U.S., Oct. 12 -- The US-based software company, Kinaxis, specialises in streamlining processes, breaking down silos and planning for all parts of the supply chain. Founded in 1995, Kinaxis' headquart... Read More

UPS to increase electric fleet in Germany

U.S., Oct. 11 -- UPS has announced plans to convert 33 diesel vehicles to electric (15) and hybrids (18) following its addition of 6,000 natural gas vehicles to its fleet. Two hybrid vehicles have al... Read More

Largest software companies: Epicor

U.S., Oct. 10 -- Founded in 1972, Epicor Software Corporation is an industry-specific provider of business software. Epicor operates in 150 countries around the world with 20,000 customers utilising ... Read More

UPS set to add 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks to its fleet

U.S., Oct. 10 -- The logistics giants, UPS, has announced it is set to acquire over 6,000 natural gas-powered trucks from 2020 until 2022. The plans represent a three-year commitment to invest $450mn... Read More

IBM: New suite tackles the complexity of global supply chains

U.S., Oct. 9 -- IBM has announced its new integrated supply chain suite to help make global supply chains smarter and more efficient. The new suite named 'IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite' has been bu... Read More

Capgemini announces development of Project FARM platform

U.S., Oct. 8 -- Capgemini has announced its development of an intelligent data platform - Project FARM (financial and agricultural recommendation models). The platform was designed using artificial i... Read More

Maintaining a sustainable approach amidst a digital transformation

U.S., Oct. 7 -- Due to the rate that technology develops, businesses have a requirement to be lean and adaptable now more than ever before. Technology has become the right-hand man to companies world... Read More