KL ex-minister Samy Vellu not mentally fit, says son

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- One of Malaysia's longest-serving Cabinet ministers, Tun S. Samy Vellu, is not mentally fit to manage his affairs due to dementia, his son has claimed. Datuk Seri S. Vell Paari... Read More

Tussle over fossils in China

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- The sound of shale crunching underfoot fills the air as Mr Cui Dongmin climbs a mound at the Beipiao Bird Fossil National Nature Reserve. Picking up a piece of shale, he casual... Read More

To buoy or not to buoy Hong Kong's post-protest economy?

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- When billionaire investor George Soros unleashed a speculative attack against the Hong Kong dollar and stock market in 1998, then Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji vowed to avert a fina... Read More

Balancing infrastructure and ecology

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- The decision to build a section of the MRT Cross Island Line deep under the largest nature reserve, instead of skirting around it, represents a working balance struck between the... Read More

Why agreement on Guam base for RSAF training is a game changer

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- The sun never sets on Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF) flight training, thanks to friendly countries which have allowed Singapore to base its fighter planes, helicopters ... Read More

Forum: Workgroup's report a step in the right direction for medicine

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- I refer to the recommendations of the workgroup set up to review informed consent and disciplinary proceedings (Doctors to get guidelines on what to tell patients, Dec 4). The ... Read More

Forum: Comments on Joseph Schooling's physique unnecessarily harsh

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- I refer to the recent media attention paid to Joseph Schooling's physique. I was dismayed to read the unflattering adjectives - heavier than usual, heftier - used. His present ... Read More

Forum: Set up permanent night markets here

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- I agree that there are too many shopping malls in Singapore (Do we need more shopping malls and apartments?, Dec 2). Singapore also lacks the permanent night markets found overse... Read More

Forum: Stronger support for gig workers today

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- We thank Dr Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Set up committee to help gig economy workers, Nov 21), Ms Josephine Chong Siew Nyuk (Holistic review of labour market needed, Nov 21) and Mr P... Read More

STI slips on lack of market direction

Singapore, Dec. 10 -- Regional investors yesterday had to process mixed news from the weekend, including last Friday's unexpectedly strong US job report and Sunday's poor Chinese export data. Most s... Read More