Court rules in favour of home owner over common areas

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- The High Court has ruled in favour of the owner of a four-storey townhouse at The Balmoral who argued that the management corporation (MC) should take responsibility for water le... Read More

Man accused of trying to murder own daughter

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- A 63-year-old man was yesterday charged with one count of attempting to murder his own daughter earlier this month. Malaysian Shoo Ah San is accused of committing the offence a... Read More

Honey, I shrank the Eiffel Tower

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- Underneath a microscope in the corner of a laboratory in Upper Changi sits a model of the Eiffel Tower no wider than a strand of human hair, and about 10 million times shorter th... Read More

Growing vegan movement here

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- When it comes to different cuts of steak, Mr Wilson Xin, 37, is no stranger. The training manager used to fly overseas to hunt for the best fiorentina, tomahawk and wagyu steaks.... Read More

The Arctic and its relevance to S'pore

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- What happens in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic - and what happens elsewhere affects the Arctic. We see this every day in the concern expressed about rising sea levels a... Read More

Singapore teacher goes to 'Mars'

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- Nestled in the Utah desert in the United States is a cylindrical dwelling that simulates what it might be like to live on Mars one day. This is the Mars Desert Research Station (... Read More

Five questions about the vegan diet answered

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- Keen on becoming a vegan but worried how your body will cope? Dr Naras Lapsys, consultant and accredited practising dietitian, answers some commonly asked questions about the veg... Read More

Factory output down 1.4% last year, worst showing since 2016

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- Singapore's factory output shrank 1.4 per cent last year in its worst performance since 2016, according to data released by the Economic Development Board yesterday. But electr... Read More

Markets stay cautious amid coronavirus fears

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- The focal point of market talk this week was on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus ahead of Chinese New Year, as fears of the possibility of a new widespread epidemic kept inves... Read More

Wang picks finest day to claim her biggest scalp in Serena

Singapore, Jan. 25 -- Every athlete thinks they have something, can be something, will do something. It's why they train, sweat, vomit, persist, in search of that brilliant day when they will show the... Read More