Free trade agreements and Singapore

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- Free trade agreements (FTAs) are in the news lately. For example, India decided not to sign the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP). The RCEP had been ne... Read More

Gig economy not a solution for all

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- Blue-collar gig-economy workers, as a survey commissioned by The Sunday Times reveals, occupy a convenient but rather precarious place in the overall economy. Convenience derives... Read More

Forum: Scrutinise firms to help gig workers

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- The gig economy thrives because it does not follow fair business practices and provide basic terms and working conditions for all types of employees. This includes sick leave, ... Read More

Forum: Don't ignore soft values important to Singaporeans

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- Mr Clarence Ching has captured well the concerns about being a Singaporean, living in Singapore and serving Singapore (Wanted: Vision of S'pore based on values, not just economic... Read More

Forum: Revamp RCs to stay relevant, reach out to more citizens

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- Residents' committees (RCs) have been around for 40 years, and it is high time we revamped them to keep them relevant. The functions of the RCs are to promote neighbourliness, ... Read More

National surveys shouldn't be forced on people

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- I can understand how important the Labour Force Survey is for the Ministry of Manpower and also for the country. Still, I am baffled by the need for a $1,000 fine if citizens ref... Read More

Forum: Goodwill Repair Assistance scheme helps fix leaks quickly, affordably

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- We refer to Mr Andrew Tan Kok Chua's letter (Review how Goodwill Repair Assistance scheme deals with leaks, Nov 13). Flat owners are responsible for the maintenance of the inte... Read More

Forum: Horses adapting well to travel and therapy programme

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- We thank Ms Wendy Yuen Woon Yoke for her concern for our therapy horses being used for the new programme in Yishun (Heartland therapy sessions may be stressful to horses, Nov 8).... Read More

Forum: Singapore must keep up vigilance against anarchy

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- I commend the Singapore Police Force for their prompt action against those behind the illegal public gathering that was held on Oct 11 (Hong Konger who held illegal public gather... Read More

Lasers shed new light on nature

Singapore, Nov. 23 -- Using discreetly set laser beams hidden among thick vegetation, this aptly named Laser Garden lights up Berlin's Botanical Garden in an exciting new way. The light show is part... Read More