Trump's impeachment trial begins amid new Ukraine revelations

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Putin could dash European hopes of a fresh start

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Uncertainties over Britain's post-Brexit immigration policy

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Getting into the minds of the men who hate women

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China a key player in Myanmar's future

Singapore, Jan. 18 -- This year, three Asean member states - Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam - will mark 70 years of diplomatic ties with China. That Chinese President Xi Jinping chose Myanmar first to... Read More

Natunas issue should not overwhelm Sino-Indonesian ties

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Who's afraid of the O levels?

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Forum: Did needy student fall through the cracks?

Singapore, Jan. 18 -- It is commendable that Xinmin Secondary School student Aqil Nasran Shah Nizam Shah managed to do well for his O-level examinations despite the odds (Student who had to skip meals... Read More

Forum: Ez-link card expiry date needed as performance may deteriorate

Singapore, Jan. 18 -- We thank Mr Marcus Foong Jun Hao for his feedback and suggestion (Do away with expiry date of ez-link card, Jan 9). An ez-link card is valid for use for five years from the dat... Read More

Forum: Assume that those who get polyclinic referral want cheaper treatment

Singapore, Jan. 18 -- I was greatly alarmed to read that patients may be being influenced into unknowingly opting for a more expensive treatment plan when their main intention was to get a cheaper one... Read More