Timely, accurate updates from China will minimise impact on economy: Experts

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- Timely updates and accurate reporting on the Wuhan virus can help stop a repeat of the bashing that the Singapore economy took during the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars)... Read More

Mindef issues advisories for service personnel

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- In response to the growing outbreak of a mysterious Wuhan virus that has already infected nearly 600 people and killed at least 17 in China, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) diss... Read More

China locks down five cities at epicentre of outbreak

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- China has taken the unprecedented move of locking down cities at the heart of a new Sars-like outbreak that has spread swiftly across provinces and the world, killing at least 17... Read More

Singaporean leaves Wuhan for Shenzhen just hours before lockdown

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- While on his way to the railway station to catch a 3.30am train out of Wuhan yesterday, Singaporean Eric Kng got a surprising alert on his phone: The city would be quarantined, a... Read More

Caught by surprise, Wuhan residents rush to stock up on supplies

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- BEIJING * Wuhan residents woke up yesterday morning to news that the authorities had ordered a ban on all travel out of the beleaguered city in a bid to contain a fast-spreading ... Read More

China's wild animal markets a breeding ground for disease

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- What hits a visitor to China's wild animal markets immediately is the smell. It is an odour so overwhelmingly putrid that one would leave at once if one did not have any real bus... Read More

6 things to know about Wuhan

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- The suspension of all public transport in and out of the central Chinese city of Wuhan has turned the spotlight on the historic city that has become ground zero of the new corona... Read More

Open global trading system key for Singapore, PM tells panel

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- DAVOS (Switzerland) * An open global trading system where every country plays by the rules of the game is of great help to a small nation like Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien... Read More

Senator seeks to drive Singaporean out of Philippines

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- A senator and close ally of President Rodrigo Duterte has denounced the Singaporean chief executive of a motorcycle ride-sharing firm and wants her declared "persona non grata" -... Read More

A Ukrainian message for South-east Asia

Singapore, Jan. 24 -- After spending an hour with visiting Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko and, subsequently, hearing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong say in Davos that there are times when y... Read More