Forum: SCDF ambulances do not have to wait for Traffic Police

Singapore, March 30 -- We refer to Madam Teo Geok Har's letter (Why wait for police to clear road for ambulance?, March 25). The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received a call about a motor ve... Read More

Forum: Local recycling industry building up its capability to recycle electric car batteries

Singapore, March 30 -- We refer to Mr Bachan Singh's letter (Used electric car batteries may pose problems few years from now, March 26). By July next year, a regulated e-waste management system, ba... Read More

Picnic on Ubin

Singapore, March 30 -- Children from poor families being taken for a picnic on Pulau Ubin on June 8, 1958. Buy this photo at: bit.ly/3dM72Ui Photonico is a website offering high-quality stock phot... Read More

Custody fight: Lawyers urged to be sensitive over mental illness claims

Singapore, March 30 -- A district judge has urged lawyers to be sensitive about casting allegations of mental illness against a party in their litigation strategy. The plea came in a rare postscript... Read More

Elderly have to focus on their health amid social distancing

Singapore, March 30 -- Elderly people need to take greater care of their emotional and physical well-being, as social and fitness activities organised by government agencies for seniors are suspended ... Read More

Warded and wed: Elderly couple tie the knot in hospital

Singapore, March 30 -- After a decade-long romance, Mr Tom Iljas, 81, and Madam Liong May Swan, 78, got their happily ever after on Saturday when they were married at a clinic in Alexandra Hospital. ... Read More

Virtual Hwa Chong Founders' Day dinner raises $52k for ST fund

Singapore, March 30 -- An annual Founders' Day dinner, initially scheduled for March 21 but subsequently cancelled in view of the social-distancing measures enacted to combat the Covid-19 outbreak, ha... Read More

Heartland shops have potential to grow and transform

Singapore, March 30 -- Fashion brand Charles and Keith may seem like it belongs in gleaming shopping malls, but few might remember that it has its origins as a heartland shop in Ang Mo Kio. Indeed, ... Read More

Training vital to store's online breakthrough

Singapore, March 30 -- Heartland business Unidbox Hardware had been suffering from slow sales even before the coronavirus outbreak, prompting its director and staff to go for training to upskill thems... Read More

Small shop innovates with vending machines

Singapore, March 30 -- A small heartland shop selling fishing tackle might seem like a very traditional business, but one store has gone out of its way to innovate and transform itself. E-Waves Fish... Read More