How a kampung approach wove better shelters for the homeless

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- It was a sight I would never forget. A woman in her 30s, her baby in a pram and her elderly mother sleeping on a bench in a public toilet at East Coast Park. This was in 2007. ... Read More

Time now to focus on India's economy

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- By a unanimous verdict, a five-judge Bench of the Indian Supreme Court, with the Chief Justice himself sitting, ruled last Saturday that the country's most hotly contested piece ... Read More

Reflections on trust from a Pioneer Generation citizen

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- Trust in government is crucial for a functioning society, and especially for a small, culturally diverse and complex society like Singapore. I agree with the Prime Minister that ... Read More

Forum: Change law to help non-parent caregivers of children in need

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- In my line of work as a lawyer, I've spoken to social workers who have encountered many cases of children whose biological parents are uninvolved in their lives and who are being... Read More

Forum: Pass law to make environment studies of projects a must

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- In recent times, the Singapore Government's focus has been balancing environmental conservation alongside sustainable development. However, Singapore still does not have a law ... Read More

Forum: Use reward system to lower plastic bag use

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- I applaud the extension of the initiative by FairPrice to levy a 10-cent or 20-cent surcharge for plastic bags at 25 outlets (FairPrice extends 'no plastic bag' trial for another... Read More

Forum: Two lifts at MRT stations where possible

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- We thank Mr Tony Wee Gim Leong for his feedback on lift service at MRT stations (Seniors struggle when lifts at train stations don't work, Nov 4). We agree that lifts in MRT st... Read More

Forum: Rope in households, industries to join climate fight

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan highlighted that the building industry is crucial in tackling the two mega trends of climate change and urbanisation (Cities can be ally in c... Read More

Forum: Fix our view of work? It must start with managers and firms

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- The Straits Times' editor-at-large Han Fook Kwang's commentary on how work affects the lives of people around us resonated with me (Future of work? Fix how we view it today first... Read More

Forum: Questions aplenty before autonomous vehicles ready for widespread use

Singapore, Nov. 14 -- It is critical to ensure that the in-built safeguards of autonomous vehicles (AVs) can handle unpredictable challenges on the road (Autonomous vehicles put to the test, Oct 29). ... Read More