Saputara During Monsoon Is A Sight To Behold

Delhi, July 28 -- Despite my prayers to the rain gods, the persistent drizzle continued. Clearly, my entreaties had fallen on deaf ears. I sat in a cosy bus, resigned to my rainy fate, ears tuned to t... Read More

This International Tiger Day Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Taj Safaris' 'Nature Talks'

Delhi, July 28 -- Located in the heart of India's tiger country, Taj Safaris, India's first and only luxury wildlife circuit celebrates International Tiger Day by bringing to life stories of the fores... Read More

Japan's Southern Islands Listed as UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site

Delhi, July 28 -- Japan's southern islands of Amami Oshima, Iriomote, and Tokunoshima have been inscribed as natural assets by UNESCO. Japan's Environment Ministry had said that these recommendations... Read More

Remembering Lansdowne, My Adopted Hometown

Delhi, July 27 -- My earliest memory of Lansdowne goes back to a few years ago, when a drunken party of family elders sabotaged my first rendezvous with it. As we holidayed in my maternal family's vil... Read More

Getting Stoked at the Shaka Surf Club

Delhi, July 27 -- Not far from the famous temple town of Udupi in Karnataka is a little known beach - Kodi Bengre - hemmed by the azure waves of the Arabian Sea. It is here that the Suvarna River join... Read More

Monsoon Melodies in Matheran

Delhi, July 27 -- As monsoon arrives, the brown hills of Maharashtra don their green mantle. It is the time to go on road trips into the countryside. While travelling long distance may not be possible... Read More

Uttarakhand's Epic Landscapes in 10 Pictures

Pop quiz, July 27 -- How often have you done the following in terms of, um, inflation? A. Applied the price filter from 'low to high' B. Dug through (ungodly) early morning flight timings or C. Search... Read More

A 600-Year-Old Celebration on the Shores of Pangong Lake

Delhi, July 26 -- As little kids, my brothers, sisters and I eagerly awaited the end of the long, cold winter. We live 14,000 feet high in Maan village, on the shores of the famous Pangong Lake. In wi... Read More

Ramappa Temple wins UNESCO World Heritage Tag

Delhi, July 26 -- The 800 year old Ramappa Temple near Warangal in Telangana was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on July 25, 2021. The temple, which was nominated for the world heritage t... Read More

Adivasi Foods are a Part of the Culture and Identity in Jharkhand

Delhi, July 24 -- Food is an important part of our identity and culture. We are known by what we eat. It reflects the geography to which we belong and the locally available resourcesused in our cuisin... Read More