All ASI Monuments to Remain Closed till May 15 Due to Covid Spike

Delhi, April 16 -- With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has decided that monuments and museums under the central government's control will remain clos... Read More

Leave Footprints Only

Delhi, April 16 -- By the time you read this, this regal tent pitched on Konark's serene Ramachandi Beach will be gone, like a true-blue 'eco retreat'. But, come December, it'll be back, to repeat the... Read More

Beautiful Bandipur

Delhi, April 16 -- In front of me is the tiny village of Bandipur, its entirety fitting in my vision, replete with Newari architecture that Nepal is so famous for. Located just 45 minutes away from M... Read More

Tahiti and Bora Bora to Open Borders for Tourists from May 1

Delhi, April 16 -- You know that island vacation you've been dreaming about for long? It's likely that it will soon become a reality - on a Tahitian island. Tahiti and Bora Bora announced the re-open... Read More

Indian Railways Launches Summer Special Trains

Delhi, April 16 -- Summer's here and that means holidays, plus there's the festival season too. To cope with the rush, several Summer Special trains have been introduced on various zones. These trains... Read More

Now Showing: A Blockbuster Curry Western

Delhi, April 15 -- When did you decide that you wanted to be a chef?I was a teenager when I decided that food was my true calling and I wanted to pursue it professionally. Until then, I was simply acq... Read More

Assam Mandates COVID-19 Testing at All Airports

Delhi, April 15 -- In the wake of rising COVID-19 cases in Assam, the state government has passed a decree making COVID-19 testing mandatory for air travellers upon arrival at any airport in Assam. P... Read More

Sleepy Hollow

Delhi, April 15 -- Occasionally, the sharp call of a bird floats across the valley. Fluffy mountain dogs let out a friendly bark or two. Apart from that there is complete silence in this neck of the K... Read More

Celebrating Traditional New Year Through A Culinary Journey

Delhi, April 15 -- One of the most secular festivals of India is the traditional New Year celebrated by various states in India. Apart from prayers and rituals followed at home, sharing specially prep... Read More

France May Soon Replace Flights with Trains for Short Journeys

Delhi, April 14 -- It's now quite well-known that aviation emission from airplanes contribute to global warming. Many countries have been considering cutting down on short duration flights. The lates... Read More