The Gulf Boomerang: India's Biggest Reverse Migration From A World Devastated By COVID-19

Delhi, May 15 -- One day, historians will call this the Gelded Age. The earth was to have become a neon-lit orchard-flat, endless, endlessly networked and buzzing. Like a super-extended Dubai or Singa... Read More

Do We Really Know Our Kids?

Delhi, May 15 -- Every time a heinous crime or an act of violence involving children is discovered, we seem to get rudely jolted from our slumber and ask every inconceivable question as a society from... Read More

'Airlines Can't Operate On Free Tickets'

Delhi, May 15 -- Vande Bharat Mission is one of the largest government operations to get back Indians stranded abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Union civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri spo... Read More

Ball's In Other Court

Delhi, May 15 -- Two recent developments in Jammu and Kashmir appeared as small, almost invisible blips on the radar, escaping major public scrutiny in a country battling a mystery virus and in lockdo... Read More

A Mole Embedded In Tradition

Delhi, May 15 -- Zahid-e-tang-nazar ne mujhe kafir jaana/aur kafir ye samajhta hai Musalman hoon main (the narrow-minded devout considers me an infidel/ and the infidel sees me as a Muslim) reads an o... Read More

Market Jitters In Time Of Corona: What Next After Collapse Of Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds?

Delhi, May 11 -- "A bull market is when you get a stock tip from your barber.a bear market is when you get a haircut from your fund manager." Thus tweeted corporate leader Lloyd Mathias in a particula... Read More

Do Virtual Courts Reserve Access To Justice Only For The Privileged Few?

Delhi, May 11 -- At 8.07 pm on April 23, Arnab Goswami, the editor and owner of Republic TV, moved a petition in the Supreme Court demanding an urgent hearing to quash multiple FIRs filed against him ... Read More

Of Grief And Joy, Love And Loss: How We Are Dealing With Life And Death In Time Of Corona

Delhi, May 11 -- The most striking depiction of death that I ever read was in one of the Harry Potter books. It was the death of Sirius Black, a godparent to orphan Harry. While fighting in a fierce w... Read More

Tales From A Leap Year

Delhi, May 11 -- Two-month-old Smaran will be among those who will sit around their folks a few years from now, listening wide-eyed to the details of a time when the world ground to a standstill. And ... Read More

Life & Death In The Time Of Corona: When Video Calls Can't Fill The Void

Delhi, May 11 -- DISTANCE, as the cliche goes, is relative. Bangalore to Guwahati seems like a siesta-a three-hour flight-when things are 'normal'. In ext-raordinary circumstances, like this lockdown,... Read More