Don't Fail The Migrants; Don't Forget Them Again

Delhi, May 29 -- India is working from home; Bharat is walking home-the short tweet by a friend summing up what we, as a locked-down nation, have been witnessing over the past two months was definitel... Read More

Storms Like Amphan Have Made A Deal With The Natural World

Delhi, May 29 -- Surface reality can often so batter our lifeworld, and so overwhelm our senses, that it's difficult to grasp a deeper reality. Remember how we were able to think contrarian about the ... Read More

Spece for headline

Delhi, May 29 -- 130 km Arivazhagan, 65, took his cancer-stricken wife Manjula, 60, on a bicycle from his village near Kumbakonam and pedalled 130 km to reach JIPMER hospital in Pondicherry, so that s... Read More

'Amphan' Diary: A Harrowing Experience But Humbling Too, Writes Actor Rituparna Sengupta

Delhi, May 28 -- I sometimes wonder why cyclones often have bizarre names. Fani immediately reminds one of a serpent and its deathly fangs. Amphan, pronounced 'um-pun', means sky in Thai. As actors, w... Read More

Put At The Centre Of COVID Fight By Odisha CM, The Sarpanch Remains A Figurehead

Delhi, May 28 -- On April 19, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik announced on TV what he described as a "historic decision". He said his government had put sarpanches (elected heads) of gram panchayats at the c... Read More

Mumbai Diary | Where Hunger Pangs, Now Greater Than Ever, Smother The Chance To Hone Talent

Delhi, May 25 -- Groundhog Day The sequel of Contagion is unfolding all over the globe. The eighth week of the lockdown in Mumbai is not really Day 56, I tell myself; it's just the same day all over ... Read More

Why Legacy Of Chambal Ke Daku Mohar Singh Will Live Forever

Delhi, May 25 -- A curious mystique envelops the lives of famed dacoits who have haunted the ravines of the Chambal-a mixture of terror, awe and respect, balancing acts of altruism and bloody crime. S... Read More

Hike In Taxes On Petrol, Diesel: Congress-Ruled States Can't Douse Fire, So Why Call BJP 'Anti-National'?

Delhi, May 25 -- On May 5, when the Centre decided to hike excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 10 and Rs 13 respectively, the Congress's media cell chief Randeep Singh Surjewala was quick to slam t... Read More

OPINION | 'BoisLockerRoom' Reveals We Have Never Been So Cut Off From Our Kids And It May Get Worse

Delhi, May 25 -- Every time a heinous crime or an act of violence involving children is discovered, we seem to get rudely jolted from our slumber and ask every inconceivable question as a society from... Read More

Why China, India Will Suffer The Worst Economic Disaster In Almost A 100 Years

Delhi, May 25 -- There is now a sinking, morbid and sordid realisation that there are no immediate hopes for national economies across the world. Each one-the powerful US, fragile European countries a... Read More