"Initially, I Defended The Emergency Stating That What Mrs Gandhi Had Done Wasn't Really All That Bad"

DELHI, Nov. 2 -- At St Stephen's College, I was keen on studying history than economics, and I am grateful to my father who was broad-minded enough to say, 'do what you want'. College was a lot of fun... Read More

"I Was Forced To Know About My Caste, Thanks To A Boy Named Rishi Kapoor"

DELHI, Nov. 2 -- He was my hero. Of late, I wake up conscious to the feeling that my dad never saw his 64th birthday. I turn 64 next year. He was only 26 when I was born, and his demise, when I was 37... Read More

A Bed Of Roses

DELHI, Nov. 1 -- Imagine forgetting a birthday or an anniversary of your better half, how many times has a bouquet of flowers come to your rescue? And if it's red roses, you know you can't go wrong. E... Read More

"When I Look At My Career, I Believe All - Ministers Or Bureaucrats - Have Been, By And Large, Good"

DELHI, Nov. 1 -- It was sometime in 1990 that I began my stint, dealing with the balance of payments crisis, as it unfolded. The period was a politically tumultuous one, following the assassination of... Read More

Dancing Stories

DELHI, Oct. 30 -- 'Creating a smarter world' seems to be a constant theme in Sudhindra Holla's life. On one hand, it is the core fundamental at Axis Communications, where he is the India and SAARC dir... Read More

"In Netherlands, I Began To Understand The Difference Between Friendly Girls And Girlfriends"

DELHI, Oct. 30 -- My early years were spent in Paturu, a village in Kadapa district. I was born here, in my mother's house. Our house was located on Kapu Veedhi, the street of Kapus, who were also kno... Read More

"Though NTR Was Hardworking, Had A Vision And The Good Of The State In His Heart, He Always Sought External Validation"

DELHI, Oct. 30 -- When I came back to India in July 1968, I was posted as a sub-collector at Gudur, and it was around this time that I got married. On official tours, I would pack two boiled eggs in t... Read More

Back To The Future At MoMA

Delhi, Oct. 30 -- Museum of Modern Art or what is more popularly known as MoMA, is indisputably the mecca for contemporary art lovers. An institution for the display and interpretation of the works of... Read More

Made Of Mettle

DELHI, Oct. 29 -- On or off field, the glitz, glamour and media coverage garnered by cricketers is unparalleled, especially in India. From training sessions to match winning knocks, every minute detai... Read More

"You Have To Manage The Ecosystem - You Need Its Support, Or Things Can Get Ugly Very Fast"

DELHI, Oct. 29 -- 1990, I was at HBS. Back then, it was a totally different place, with exactly three Indians - Jayant Sinha, Tarun Khanna and me - in a class of 900. We had a fantastic time and remai... Read More