Global fisher

Delhi, March 19 -- In hindsight, it seems I timed things quite well," quips Rajeev Thakkar, the soft-spoken, low-key CIO of Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services (PPFAS) Mutual Fund. He ranks fifth... Read More

Quality Junkie

Delhi, March 17 -- One of the critically acclaimed films of 2019 was a satire on a poor family's attempts to sponge off an extremely wealthy one. The ugly truth of social inequality aside,Parasiteis a... Read More

Trend chaser

Delhi, March 16 -- May the odds be ever in your favour. Sounds hopeful and harmless, right? Except that it's the most famous quote from The Hunger Games, said right before contestants are sent into th... Read More

Value Skeptic

Delhi, March 12 -- Back in 2014, a TV commercial showed a man ignoring his wife's order to step back into the house. Instead, he prefers to sit out and read the weather report. As luck would have it, ... Read More

Conservative optimist

Delhi, March 6 -- In the early nineties, comic books in India were coming of age. Complexity was being added to stories and outlines of characters, and graphic novels were just a few years away. The b... Read More

Tactical strategist

Delhi, March 5 -- Would gladiators have been considered as glorious if they had been thrown into an arena against a hapless goat? Nope. You need a worthy rival to claim glory. An institutional sell-si... Read More

"We look at the past and learn from our errors"

Delhi, March 4 -- When you own a racehorse, why trot. By the same logic, in a growing economy like India, it makes sense to invest in growth-oriented businesses, like Mirae Asset's Neelesh Surana does... Read More

Netting the big fish

Delhi, Feb. 26 -- Every market that is rising quickly is not a bubble. And any market that has been rising for a long time and is not falling is also not necessarily a bubble. They could be, but you w... Read More

'Unless there is a crisis, branding is rarely on a Board's agenda'

Delhi, Feb. 26 -- Nirmalya Kumar doesn't mince words. Known for his candour and acumen, he has served on several boards as director, including heading strategy at Tata Sons as member of the Group Exec... Read More

Biju Balendran

Delhi, Feb. 23 -- Whenever I find time, I immerse myself into books. I just finished reading an insightful book on artificial intelligence called Human+Machine by Paul Daugherty and H James Wilson. No... Read More