Self Financing

DELHI, Nov. 29 -- The ouster of Chanda Kochhar was a big blow to one of India's largest private banks. Poor corporate governance meant the stock price of ICICI Bank took a beating, as fresh allegation... Read More

How They Splurge

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How They Invest

DELHI, Nov. 26 -- Dalal Street may have had a bumpy ride in FY19, but that didn't stop Indians from investing in the equity market. Agreed, the numbers did not dazzle as they did in the previous year,... Read More

How They Stack Up

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"The Big Structural Theme Is That 'Big Is Getting Bigger"

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Where The Rich Are Investing

DELHI, Nov. 25 -- We all know equities are a volatile asset class. Particularly, over the past year, the trading floor has not been for the fainthearted. From an all-time high of 40,268, post election... Read More

Moving On

DELHI, Nov. 22 -- This bank posted a profit growth of over 50% in its latest quarter, but a rise in fresh bad loans played spoilsport for IndusInd. Its gross and net NPA jumped to 1.12% and 2.19% from... Read More

How Rana Kapoor Allegedly Made 20 Billion From Loans Worth 60 Billion

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Bang For The Buck

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Bottled Treasure

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