No recourse of employment, no certificates after the training of Prime Minister Skill Development

Latehar, March 15 -- The Indian Government has set up the Ministry of Skill Development to provide jobs to the youth of the country. But the reality is that the youth is not getting employment either ... Read More

Indian cricket team appeals for maximum voting in Lok Sabha elections

Palamu, March 15 -- The Election Commission of India has taken Sahitya's team to use its franchise from the voters in the Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission has issued this appeal in the pub... Read More

Government can delay the private companies due to late payment

Palamu, March 15 -- Due to government late and neutral attitude, payment of most private companies of the state can stop. The reason behind this is that any state treasury has not provided the Parikar... Read More

Palamu: Children's feet on the feet of the frozen parents, the sandalwood sandalwood planted on the forehead

Palamu, March 15 -- In order to make the children a sanskarvana, maternal grandfathers program was organized in government schools in Palamu district on Friday. Most of the children studying at the sc... Read More

Bodyguard arrested in Agarwal Brothers massacre, three accused including Lokesh Chaudhary, absconding

Palamu, March 15 -- In the Ashok Nagar Road No. 1 of Aggora Police Station area, police arrested Lokesh Chaudhari's bodyguard Sunil Singh from Bokaro thermal station area in the murder of the Agarwal ... Read More

Palamu: An angry husband has created a conspiracy to murder his wife; three arrested

Palamu, March 15 -- The police has revealed the murder of a woman who died on March 12 last night at Chadarpur under Chainpur Police Station area of Palamu district. While raising the death of the Ful... Read More

Left parties do not get place in the coalition

Ranchi, March 15 -- The state's Leftmen on Friday announced joint press discussions that they will contest the Lok Sabha elections together and for this they have marked the area. On Friday, CPIM, CPI... Read More

The need for coalition to feel the Leftists coming to the polls

Ranchi, March 15 -- Communist forces were united to say things to contest elections. But as the Lok Sabha elections are approaching, changes in the policies of the Left are being seen. This left the f... Read More

The city's condition is bleak due to 45-minute rain

Ranchi, March 15 -- Ranchi's Ranchi got rusty after 45 minutes of rain in the afternoon on Friday. The rain started from 3.30 in the afternoon, not only the streets of the streets, but the dirt of the... Read More

Smoothies, which run biometric machines in many institutions, they are in the corporation office of Ranchi!

Ranchi, March 15 -- Ranchi municipal corporation is in discussions about the exploits of millions of people in the name of fake cleaners these days. For the rigging, the corporation's top executives a... Read More