Satellite tracking snow leopards in Nepal to study climate impact

Kathmandu, Dec. 3 -- In another conservation milestone for Nepal, two snow leopards were successfully collared recently in Shey Phoksundo National Park of Western Nepal which will help scientists stud... Read More

Sharpening the knives

Kathmandu, Dec. 3 -- Gadimai mela is going ahead on Tuesday as scheduled in the village of Bariyapur in Bara district of Nepal. Monday night saw locals bask in the carnival, full of life and lights.... Read More

South Asian Games 3 December Recap

Kathmandu, Dec. 3 -- The highlights of the third day of the South Asian Games included India's domination of the athletic events and Nepal's victory in football. In Wushu Taolu, Nepal's Bijay Sinjali... Read More

Killing field

Kathmandu, Dec. 3 -- Despite national and international outrage and a Supreme Court ruling against the cruel ritual, Nepal's Gadimai Mela, the world's largest mass sacrifice of animals went ahead as s... Read More

There is precedent to settling Kalapani

Kathmandu, Dec. 2 -- A modified political map of India has created an uproar in Nepal, with street demonstrations and debates in Parliament. Nepalis appear to be genuinely concerned about sovereignty ... Read More

Night before the slaughter

Kathmandu, Dec. 2 -- The village of Bariyapur in Nepal's plains is getting ready for the Gadimai Mela despite national and international outrage against the mass slaughter of animals during the weeklo... Read More

South Asian Games 2 December recap

Kathmandu, Dec. 2 -- The second day of the 13th South Asian Games saw Nepali athletes dominate the arena, with most wins in taekwondo and karate. Mandekaji Shrestha became the first to win gold for N... Read More

The new age of Grammy nominee Manose

Kathmandu, Nov. 29 -- When Manose Newa brings his bansuri flute to his lips, his entire demeanour changes. His shoulders relax and his elbows extend as his fingers move skilfully along the wooden inst... Read More

How many rhinos is enough rhinos?

Kathmandu, Nov. 29 -- Despite Nepal achieving zero rhino poaching for the past five years, conservationists say the country should not let its guard down given the official extinction of the Sumatran ... Read More

In Nepal's weather, erratic is the new normal

Kathmandu, Nov. 29 -- The 2019 monsoon was an erratic one. Sadly, erratic seems to be the new normal. There were storms in April, causing floods, and it seemed as if a large monsoon was on the way. T... Read More