Why is there still an oxygen shortage?

Kathmandu, May 23 -- Nepal's Supreme Court ordered the government toensure that no citizen dies because of the lack of oxygen,the government banned all non-medical use of oxygen, in the past week alon... Read More

Nepal needs wildlife friendly highways

Kathmandu, May 22 -- On 2 January, the news of an adult tigress struck by a vehicle in Mahendra Highway made the rounds on social media. The photo of the striped big cat sprawled on the asphalt in a p... Read More

Nepal sets elections in middle of pandemic

Kathmandu, May 22 -- After prolonged political theatrics, Nepal's President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Friday at midnight dissolved Parliament and announced early elections even while the country reeled u... Read More

Buddha's birthday in his birthplace

Kathmandu, May 22 -- For thesecond year in a row, Lumbini will see none of the thousands of pilgrims from around the world that used to congregate here to mark the birthday of the Sakyamuni Buddha, wh... Read More

Ass as Ambassador

Kathmandu, May 21 -- While at home with nothing to do, many of you have been worrying obsessively about the state of the country. Don't. We are in the very capable hands of the Great Helmsperson who r... Read More

3-pronged strategy to save Nepal from Covid-19

Kathmandu, May 21 -- The deadly COVID-19 surge that has engulfedneighbouring India appears to be spilling over into Nepal.Daily deaths have been exploding. The experience from India shows that fragile... Read More

Ex-PM and PM vie to be next Nepal PM

Kathmandu, May 21 -- Two rival coalitions of Nepal's left, right and centre parties have both staked conflicting claims to lead the country after a prolongedpower strugglethat has impacted the capacit... Read More

It's an Emergency

Kathmandu, May 20 -- To save lives, Nepal's most urgent need now is oxygen. Not just cylinders, but oxygen generators, concentrators and liquid oxygen. Most infected people are not succumbing to Covid... Read More

Nepal needs urgent American vaccine support

Kathmandu, May 20 -- Nepal has a history with vaccination that goes back to 1816, after King Girvana Yuddha Bikram Shah died from exposure to smallpox. Desperate for help, Nepal's ruling class lobbied... Read More

FinMin Covid relief

Kathmandu, May 20 -- The Finance Ministry has set aside Rs4.32 billion for hospitals to increase capacity and purchase equipment to battle the second wave.Of the allocated,Rs2.95 billion has been dire... Read More