Everest Bank contactless payment

Kathmandu, Aug. 26 -- Everest Bank has set up contactless QR code-based payment facilities at various Sajha Sewa petroleum outlets to promote digital banking. This follows the government's declaration... Read More

Oil prices up and up

Kathmandu, Aug. 26 -- Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has once again increased the price of petroleum products by Rs2, while liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) prices have gone up by Rs25. Meanwhile, the price... Read More

Challenge of the millennium

Kathmandu, Aug. 25 -- The most tangible collateral damage of Nepal'schronic political instabilityis going to be the effort to streamline Nepal's electricity grid. Politicians have weaponised the US-su... Read More

Indonesia can learn from Nepal's cooperatives

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- The one-size-fits-all regulatory policy does not seem to work for savings and loans (S&L) cooperatives in Indonesia, and the country could benefit from Nepal's experience with sm... Read More

Step by step for rural health care in Nepal

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- It is the aftermath of disasters thatbring out the best among Nepalis.And so it was after the2015 earthquake,volunteer groups sprang up spontaneously and organised relief through... Read More

CPN (Asinine)

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- It doesn't look like anyone is about to give Prime Minister Brave Lion a honeymoon period. The same folks who were baying for Oli's blood are now sinking their fangs into the lio... Read More

The good doctor

Kathmandu, Aug. 22 -- I had an appointment with Rishi Ram Koirala the day before he suffered his fatal heart attack. Last week Nepal has lost one of its mostcelebrated ayurvedic practitioners, the fou... Read More

Decarbonisation needs to begin today

Kathmandu, Aug. 22 -- That in a nutshell are the main findings of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group I sixth assessment report (AR6) released on 9 August. The report i... Read More

UK aid for Nepali mothers and children

Kathmandu, Aug. 21 -- As the Covid crisis pushesmillions of Nepalis back below the poverty lineaffecting their nutritional status, the UK government is funding supplemental food for mothers and childr... Read More

Tikapur's protracted trauma

Kathmandu, Aug. 21 -- On 25 August 2015, Ram Prasad Chaudhary was in a meeting with the principal of the school in Joshipur of which he was president when plainclothes policemen rushed in. He was hand... Read More