Karma's karma

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- As hundreds of thousands of Nepali youngsters leave the country in search of greener pastures, a trickle have started to return with the intention of contributing what they can ... Read More

Climate Summit leads packed UN agenda

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- The United Nations will host six high-level plenary meetings during the start of the 74th session of the General Assembly in late September, including the Climate Action Summit,... Read More

Tourism, aviation and carbon

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- Last month, young climate change activist Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for 15 days on a zero-carbon yacht. After the UN Climate Action Summit, she will sail o... Read More


Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- New analysis of historical satellite imagery indicates that Nepal's forest area has nearly doubled, from 26% of land area in 1992 to 45% in 2016. The midhills have experienced t... Read More

The Third Pole is warming faster than expected

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- Climate scientists are shocked at the melt rate of Arctic sea ice and the Greenland ice-cap this summer, but the alarm bells are ringing even louder in the Himalaya. The 4,000k... Read More

Mosquitoes move up mountains as the earth warms

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- With over 8,000 reported dengue cases and an estimated 80,000 infections in five months, Nepal's viral fever epidemic this year has gone viral. So far six people have died, and ... Read More

Climate-health emergency

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- An unusually wet monsoon, increased human mobility and climate change are reasons why this year's dengue outbreak in Nepal has been the worst so far. Already, six people have lo... Read More

Are you ready for Indra Jatra?

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- This week Kathmandu celebrates Indra Jatra - the chariot festival presided over by none other than the Living Goddess Kumari. Locally known as Yenya, the festival dedicated to ... Read More

Kathmandu celebrates Yenya

Kathmandu, Sept. 13 -- Indra Jatra - the chariot festival presided over by none other than the Living Goddess Kumari is in full swing. Locally known as Yenya, the festival dedicated to the god of rai... Read More


Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- There was a time until recently when we wrote editorials in this space about how the global digital divide was mirrored within Nepal. Just like the haves and have-nots, we said N... Read More