South Asian Games Recap 10 December

Kathmandu, Dec. 10 -- In the much-awaited men's football final, Nepal and Bhutan went head to head in an intense match for the gold. The Nepali team gained a quick lead with a goal scored by Abhishek ... Read More

South Asian Games Recap 8 December

Kathmandu, Dec. 8 -- The highlights of today's South Asian Games include Nepal's victory in men's football, Sri Lanka dominating in volleyball and Nepal's first gold in Judo in the history of SAG. N... Read More

South Asian Games Recap 7 December

Kathmandu, Dec. 7 -- The highlights of today's South Asian Games include Nepal's big win against Maldives in men's football and India leading the total medal tallies with more than 200 medals. In the... Read More

"Menstruation is not private business, it is everyone's business"

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Menstruation in Nepal has become synonymous with chhaupadi, the tradition of banishing women to cowsheds for five days during their periods. The practice is infamous in western Ne... Read More

The atom bomb saved my life

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- They ate rats with rotten rice, were ravaged by malaria and beaten by their Japanese captors. Only four of the 300 Nepali prisoners of war captured in Singapore and transported to... Read More

Nepalis open doors to a better life

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Until recently it was not unusual for women in villages of Kavre to hide when they saw outsiders approaching. Today, they welcome tourists to their homes and are even learning Eng... Read More

Homestays keep former migrants in Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Hari Bahadur Pun from Madi Valley in Chitwan returned from Malaysia three years ago, and has been running his own homestay since then. He is thankful he made that decision, and sp... Read More

Cruelty and compassion

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Rambhu Paswan was among 100 men hired by the Gadimai Temple this week to kill animals on behalf of at least 2 million devotees from India and Nepal who thronged to the shrine in B... Read More

Women in climate hot spots face challenges adapting

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- Women in Asia and Africa hardest hit by climate change have a tough time adapting to the climate emergency, even with support from family or the state, finds a new study. The resu... Read More

Nepal must prepare for climate migration

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 -- In the past, Nepalis have migrated to India for seasonal labour and military recruitment. Today they fly overseas for work. Tomorrow they may have to migrate in increasing numbers... Read More