Chhath Parva

Kathmandu, Nov. 2 -- Chhath is an important festival in Nepal's Tarai plains dedicated to the Sun God and his sister Chhathi Maiya. The festival concluded on Saturday with ritual bathing in rivers and... Read More

Too many mules on the Everest trail

Kathmandu, Oct. 31 -- The Sherpas reportedly have a saying that "there's only one Everest," meaning that because Everest is the highest mountain in the world it will always be the preferred destinatio... Read More

Nims Purja fans react to criticism of climb

Kathmandu, Oct. 31 -- Fans of Nirmal Purja, who this week completed his goal of climbing all the world's 14 highest mountains in a record-shattering 6 months, have reacted strongly to those belittling... Read More

Nims Purja does it

Kathmandu, Oct. 29 -- Nepal's Nirmal 'Nims' Purja has performed an extraordinary and unprecedented feat of climbing all the world's 14th highest mountains within a seven month period by scaling his la... Read More

Bhaktapur celebrates Gai Tihar

Kathmandu, Oct. 27 -- The third day of Tihar is Gai Tihar which celebrates cows. Cows are seen as a symbol of mother and nurture because they give nourishing milk. People of Bhaktapur celebrate Gai ... Read More

The mental scars of violence

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- Children sit in a circle experimenting with different colours on palettes at a shelter in Godavari one morning this week. Some design flowers in bright colours, others draw homes... Read More

Creatures of Culture

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- As befitting a country whose patron deity is The Lord of Animals, Nepal's autumn festival cycle is about offering buffaloes, goats and fowl to the goddesses, and worshipping cows... Read More

A dog with altitude

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- The large shaggy dog with a great mane, thoughtful droopy eyes and a deep bark that echoes across Himalayan crags is not just a breed much sought after to guard livestock. The Ti... Read More

Waiting till the cows come home

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- The first thing one notices these days while travelling by road in the Tarai are hundreds of cattle blocking the East-West Highway, mainly at intersections like Atariya or Kohalp... Read More

Saving Nepal's last wild dogs

Kathmandu, Oct. 25 -- Wild dogs get a bad press in Nepal, almost as bad as hyenas. The fact that the Nepali word for the wild dog (bwanso) is also used to refer to the wolf is part of the problem Bwa... Read More