Federalism leaves Nepal's medical sector ailing

Kathmandu, Dec. 13 -- Federalism was supposed to bring the government closer to the people, decentralise medical care and improve public health at the grassroots. But the new three-tier government str... Read More

Crafting a heritage

Kathmandu, Dec. 13 -- "Had I not become a woodcarver, I don't know what I would be doing today," says Indra Prasad Shilpakar. "I have never thought about it." Indra Prasad, 38, cannot see himself in... Read More


Kathmandu, Dec. 13 -- There used to be a time when the main public health threat in Nepal was from infectious diseases like malaria, encephalitis, TB and typhoid. Whether vector-borne or transmitted t... Read More

Bel Bibaha

Kathmandu, Dec. 13 -- Girls from the Newa community in Nepal get married at least three times in their lifetime. The first ceremony called Bel Bibaha ('Ihi') is where pre-adolescent girls are married ... Read More

Nepal (and international) Literature Festival

Kathmandu, Dec. 13 -- The Nepal Literature Festival (NLF) has expanded in scope and content since it started eight years ago, and the 2019 edition this weekend will bring even more international autho... Read More

Henry Marsh returns to the institute created by his neurosurgeon colleague Upendra Devkota

Kathmandu, Dec. 12 -- Henry Marsh is a pioneering English neurosurgeon and the author of two widely acclaimed memoirs, Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery and Admissions: A life in br... Read More

Yomari Punhi

Kathmandu, Dec. 12 -- A popular Newari festival observed every year during the December full moon, Yomari Punhi, is upon us. Traditionally people in Kathmandu Valley kept winter chills away by eating ... Read More

Global heating melts mountains

Kathmandu, Dec. 10 -- New research timed for the UN Climate Summit in Madrid this week shows that 1.9 billion people worldwide could be imperiled by a shortage of water caused by rapidly melting ice o... Read More

Canadian's missionary zeal for Nepali

Kathmandu, Dec. 10 -- On the morning of 31 October 1954, 29-year-old William J Burke stepped on a red-gold carpet of fallen maple leaves outside his home as he made his way to the nearest port where h... Read More

Torture systematic in South Asia: ICJ

Kathmandu, Dec. 10 -- South Asian states continue to use torture to control and punish dissent, fail to pass laws to criminalise the practice and where laws exist, do not use them in good faith, concl... Read More