The right climate for Joe Biden

Kathmandu, Dec. 19 -- When it comes to international environmental diplomacy, America has a chequered past. It stood at the forefront of the international battle to fix the ozone hole and has shaped m... Read More

Nepali women doubly burdened by climate change

Kathmandu, Dec. 18 -- Agriculture expert Yamuna Ghale was on a research visit to Dolakha district when she heard the women livestock farmers complain that their goats had weak legs and could not stand... Read More

Nepali migration in the 2020s

Kathmandu, Dec. 18 -- The 20thInternational Migration Day on 18 December in the midst of the pandemic, with its disproportionate impact on migrants demands retrospection. We need to widen our time hor... Read More

The Year of Migrant Workers

Kathmandu, Dec. 17 -- 2020 turned the world upside down, and in Nepal, one of the most dramatic impacts was on the country's economic mainstay - overseas contract workers who sent home nearly $8 billi... Read More

Over the edge, again

Kathmandu, Dec. 17 -- Nepal has been on a knife-edge in 2020 because of the pandemic, but the country's leaders are too involved in their internal power struggles to notice. This week, better sense pr... Read More

Ncell launches 'Ncell Jobshop'

Kathmandu, Dec. 17 -- Ncell customers can now look for employment opportunities available in the local job market or post vacancies as prospective employers. Ncell Axiata Limited has launched its firs... Read More

Global IME Bank launches branchless banking service

Kathmandu, Dec. 17 -- Global IME launches six new branchless banking points in Nepal. Following these six, the branchless section of the bank reaches to 238. The bank has also appointed various indivi... Read More

Tourist visas now open for Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec. 16 -- As Nepal prepares tofinally resume flights between Kathmandu and New Delhiafter 11 months and restrictions on foreigners visiting Nepal are eased further, there is still confusio... Read More

Nepal PM Oli goes it alone

Kathmandu, Dec. 16 -- Nepal's Prime Minister K P Oli, who is facing a growing mutiny within his party, has become even more politically isolated by an ordinance he pushed on constitutional appointment... Read More

Beauty clinics do brisk business despite Covid

Kathmandu, Dec. 15 -- Growing up was not easy for Sahara Sharma. Acne and pimples marred her self-confidence as a teenager. She obediently followed all the beauty tips that came her way, but flawless ... Read More