Elderly left in Bhutan refugee camp

KATHMANDU, Aug. 3 -- Thirty years after they were driven out of Bhutan, and after spending all that time in camps in eastern Nepal, elderly refugees are by themselves and hope to see their homeland on... Read More


KATHMANDU, Aug. 1 -- She towered over me like a lone poplar tree. She was four years older than I was at the time she came to live with us. Sita was the eldest of her siblings and her father had sent ... Read More

Kathmandu's 'flash floods' are 4 decades in the making

KATHMANDU, July 31 -- Kathmandu Valley's geography gives it several strategic advantages. It is too high for malaria, but too low for much snow and ice. That, and its location between north Indian pop... Read More

Nepali climate activist makes waves

KATHMANDU, July 30 -- Shreya KC attended her first environmental science class at university completely by chance. KC knew little about the environment and had not heard much about climate change. At... Read More

Vaccines or no vaccines, mask and distance

KATHMANDU, July 29 -- When Covid-19 cases started to fall last month and the government relaxed the lockdown, most public health experts warned that it was premature because not enough people had been... Read More

Sisterhoods empowering education in Nepal

KATHMANDU, July 29 -- Soni is a 13-year-old in Banke district in the western Tarai, and she is the second of eight children in her Muslim family. She has been hearing impaired since she was born. Son... Read More

Nepal must work on human rights

KATHMANDU, July 29 -- The Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, urging him to uphold the rights of Nepali citizens and strengthen the rule of law. R... Read More

2AM is too late

KATHMANDU, July 28 -- The migration sector is a zoom lens through which we can examine up close Nepal's socio-economic and political problems through recent history. To a greater or lesser degree, a... Read More

Renewed call on UK to rush vaccines to Nepal

KATHMANDU, July 28 -- British actor Michael Palin and Amnesty International on Wednesday called on the UK government to redistribute surplus Covid-19 vaccines to those most at risk in Nepal and other ... Read More

Nepali women at forefront of saving tigers

KATHMANDU, July 28 -- The Tarai Arc Landscape, a shared transboundary protected zone between Nepal and India is spread across 25,000 sq km on the Nepal side, roughly 17% of the country's total area. I... Read More