Nepal's homegrown Covid heroes

KATHMANDU, July 4 -- The viral video of health workers in Mustang passing a box of vaccines across a rain-swollen river was a rare instance in the media of Nepalis helping Nepalis during the pandemic.... Read More

Letting go of Sikkim's ghost

KATHMANDU, July 3 -- Nearly half-a-century after the overthrow of Palden Thondup Namgyal, the 12th and last Chogyal of Sikkim and India's formal annexation of the tiny kingdom, the ghost of Sikkim sti... Read More

Vibrant Mithila art thrives in Nepal

KATHMANDU, July 3 -- Janakpur, the birthplace of Sita and the cradle of the Mithila civilisation, is seeing a revival of its heritage, culture and traditional art. The origin of Mithila art is roote... Read More

No vax? Ask for Mask.

KATHMANDU, July 1 -- Much has been said about 'vaccine apartheid' and how instead of levelling out rich and poor, it has widened inequities. Nepal today is living proof of this. As the government lu... Read More

Making up is hard to do

KATHMANDU, July 1 -- It was one of the defining images of the past year of internecine warfare among the two top leaders of the Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) party. Prime Minister K P Oli (KPO) and... Read More

Japan award for Bhutan minister opposed

KATHMANDU, July 1 -- Aconsortium of dozens of Bhutan organisations all over the world have sent a letter to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to withdraw his country's decision to confer an award... Read More

Job-seekers now also jab-seekers

KATHMANDU, June 30 -- In February 2020, Nepali migrant worker Min from Sindhupalchok was excited to visit Nepal after completing two years working in Kuwait. More than a year later, he is still here, ... Read More

No light at end of trans-Himalayan train tunnel

KATHMANDU, June 30 -- The prospect of a trans-Himalayan connectivity has historically been a sensitive geopolitical issue since it concerns the region's main rivals: China and India. Even back in 196... Read More

Giving start-ups a head start

KATHMANDU, June 30 -- About 250 years ago when King Prithivi Narayan Shah made Kathmandu the capital of unified Nepal, he realised that the city had great potential as a business centre, complementing... Read More

Nepal marks rice planting day

KATHMANDU, June 29 -- Farming communities across Nepal came out by their hundreds of thousands to transplant rice seedings on Tuesday, which is officially National Paddy Plantation Day. Most wore mas... Read More