Kathmandu Valley lockdown till 12 May

Kathmandu, May 4 -- As Covid-19 cases continue their record-breaking rise every day, the three district chiefs of Kathmandu Valley agreed on Tuesday to extend the lockdown announced on 29 April for tw... Read More

Kathmandu loses its open spaces

Kathmandu, May 3 -- The tragic death tolls from two recent earthquakes in the Greater Himalaya should give Kathmandu residents pause. Kashmir, 2005: more than 73,000. Sichuan, 2008: over 88,000. In u... Read More

Nepal designates more hospitals for Covid-19 treatment

Kathmandu, May 3 -- Amidst a dramatic surge in Covid-19 infections in Nepal, Prime Minister K P Oli has announced that all big government and private hospitals and medical colleges will be turned into... Read More

Nepal postpones census amid Covid-19 surge

Kathmandu, May 3 -- Nepal's government decided on Monday to postpone the12th National Population and Household Censusscheduled for 8-22 June this year until further notice, as the country confronts a ... Read More

How Nepal can survive 2nd Covid wave

Kathmandu, May 2 -- It seems like age ago now, but only a month ago even prominent doctors in India were declaring that the country had defeated the novel coronavirus. They felt that herd immunity in... Read More

The economics of masks

Kathmandu, May 2 -- Nani pulls the elastic band tucked behind her ear and tugs off the mask from her face. It is pink. The mask. It is modelled after a surgical mask-the same flexile lining on one end... Read More

As Covid-19 cases rise, Nepal stops all flights

Kathmandu, May 2 -- Nepal's government decided on Sunday to suspend all domestic flights from Tuesday morning and international flights from 5 May midnight, as daily Covid-19 cases rose to an all-time... Read More

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Kathmandu, May 1 -- It may sound incongruous writing about labour and employment when Covid-19 is surging across the country. But since Saturday is May Day, let us look at labour and migration. The u... Read More

Missing the plot in Nepal's job scheme

Kathmandu, May 1 -- For most Nepalis, the economic crisis brought on by the pandemicfar outweighs its health risks.The majority of Nepal's population is employed in the informal sector, cannot work re... Read More

The Ass-cent of Everest

Kathmandu, April 30 -- It has been said by people much more smart ass than me, that the current crisis is an opportunity to rebuild Nepal's tourism model from scratch. It is true: this country has bee... Read More