Lost in translation

Kathmandu, Jan. 26 -- At last count Nepal had 129 spoken languages, but even as new ones are identified, others are becoming extinct. At least 24 of the languages and dialects spoken in Nepal are 'en... Read More

Police hose down anti-Oli rally

Kathmandu, Jan. 25 -- Riot police on Monday countered a rally against Prime Minister Oli, with water cannons and baton charges. The rally was led by Narayan Wagle, Raghu Panta, Sanjeev Upreti and oth... Read More

Nepal hopes for tourism rebound in 2021

Kathmandu, Jan. 25 -- The availability of Covid-19 vaccines, a recent decrease in fatality rates in India and Nepal, and inquiries from travelers seeking to get out into the Himalayan wilderness, have... Read More

Panoramic encyclopaedia of the Himalaya

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 -- Both a soaring celebration and a sacramental offering to the highest mountain range in the world, everything you ever wanted to know about the Himalaya is found between the cover... Read More

How transboundary haze affects Nepal

Kathmandu, Jan. 23 -- The Himalayan mountains act as a barrier separating the clean air of the Tibetan Plateau from the polluted Indo-Gangetic plains. But Nepal's rivers cut through the mountains, and... Read More

Nepal-Japan jobs deal still stuck

Kathmandu, Jan. 23 -- On 21 December 2020, Prakash Parajuli was waiting at the Tribhuvan International Airport to board his flight to Japan. He had secured necessary paperwork for his job there as a c... Read More

Ncell and DoFSC take on ring-road landscaping

Kathmandu, Jan. 23 -- Ncell, in collaboration with theDepartment of Forest and Soil Conservation (DoFSC), will be responsible for landscapingmore than 10 kilometres of the Kalanki-Koteshwor ring-road.... Read More

Privacy is power

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- In the age of smartphones under pillows, screenshots, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, location trackers and free platforms that make money off our data:privacyis rapidly becomi... Read More

Why wear a mask?

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- This listicle is brought to you in the public interest by the Department of Pandemics that falls under the Ministry of Pandemonium of GONe. Masks have now become as essential an... Read More

Dahal-Nepal hold anti-Oli rally

Kathmandu, Jan. 22 -- More than a month after Prime Minister K P Olidissolved the Lower Houseand called for interim elections in April-May, the biggest protest so far against the move was held on Frid... Read More