This is how to upgrade Nepal's rural health

Kathmandu, Aug. 28 -- Deukali Shahi, 26, looks relieved after delivering a healthy baby girl, but her calmness belies her traumatic childbirth. Her eyes fill with tears as she speaks haltingly of the ... Read More

Overkill on Everest

Kathmandu, Aug. 26 -- Last week, a government panel set up after this spring's fatalities on Mt Everest were blamed on overcrowding recommended that permits be issued to climb Mt Everest only to those... Read More

Nepali folk songs move beyond love and loss

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- Inside buses on their daily commute Nepalis are used to listening to familiar-sounding songs that feature alternating female and male voices, responding to one another, often che... Read More


Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- With increasing awareness about the climate emergency and air pollution, many around the world have taken steps to reduce their own carbon footprints by flying less, being more e... Read More

More e-scooties for cleaner Kathmandu air

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- Despite an initial lukewarm response, sales of electric two-wheelers have spiked in Kathmandu as commuters realise that their initial and running cost is much lower than petrol m... Read More

Fully Charged

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- The people of Kathmandu do not need to be told that they breathe some of the dirtiest air in the world. Diesel trucks, buses, cars and motorcycles emit toxic exhaust into the ver... Read More