Tharu Escargots

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- Manju Chaudhary sinks her hand into a little pond and brings up a tiny, conch-shaped shell. Inside it is an even tinier water snail. When she has collected a handful she goes to t... Read More

Exploring Nepal's culinary diversity

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- It is said that food is eaten first with the eyes. But on our two-month food tour across Nepal recently, we felt that food may be first eaten with the ears. Delicious descriptions... Read More

Two Nepalis held in Hong Kong protest

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- Two Nepali students caught up in intensifying protests in Hong Kong have been arrested by Police in the former British territory. Jenny Rai and Rosemary Limbu were arrested durin... Read More

Now, connect to satellite through Android

Kathmandu, Sept. 27 -- As the mobile phone network expands and it is possible to get a 4G signal atop Mt Everest, you might think the era of satellite phones has come to an end. Think again. There ar... Read More

Jung Bahadur's destitute descendants

Kathmandu, Sept. 27 -- If it pleases your highness, please partake of your repast," says a woman dressed in a frayed kurta, using the courtly language of Nepal's royalty. The words seem completely o... Read More

Nepal far from hitting contraceptive target

Kathmandu, Sept. 27 -- Parvati Thapa, 39, looks lost as she wanders into the district hospital in this isolated northwestern corner of Nepal. She and her husband have walked a whole day to get here, a... Read More

Born in Nepal

Kathmandu, Sept. 27 -- Giving birth is a life or death issue in Nepal. Even though the maternal mortality rate dropped from 1,000 per 100,000 live births 40 years ago to 239 today, inadequate birthing... Read More


Kathmandu, Sept. 27 -- The Nepal Communist Party government, with Prime Minister KP Oli at the helm, is nearing two years in office. It has been taken to task for non-performance and under-performance... Read More

Info age boost for Nepal's pashmina

Kathmandu, Sept. 24 -- Although one of Nepal's best-known exports, the success of the pashmina industry unravelled in recent years. From a peak of Rs5 billion in 2000-1, exports fell to Rs1.8 billion ... Read More


Kathmandu, Sept. 20 -- Aftershocks were still rocking Kathmandu four years ago this month when top leaders decided to fast-track the long lingering Constitution. The government was facing criticism fo... Read More