New contraceptive for increased lockdown demand

Kathmandu, Aug. 25 -- For the past two decades, Basanti Paudel, 41, of Nawalpur had always used Depo-Provera toprevent unwanted pregnancies Then last year, she was given a new choice: Sayana Press. S... Read More

Economic cost of 5 months of Nepal lockdown

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- As serious as the rapid spread in Nepal of the novel coronavirus looks, even more frightening is what the lockdown meant to prevent it will do to the country's economy. The healt... Read More

An antelope and an artist

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- A painting of a rare Tibetan antelope by a Nepali artist gifted by Jang Bahadur Rana to the British resident in Kathmandu in the mid-19th century has come alive thanks to the pai... Read More

24 March - 24 August, 2020

Kathmandu, Aug. 24 -- Today, 24 August marks five months since the Nepal government announceda nationwide lockdownto control the spread of the coronavirus. Only thesecond confirmed Covid-19 casehad b... Read More

Biplanes and balloons over Mt Everest

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- The early 1930s were an era of aviation achievements when Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, Richard E Byrd reached the poles and Amy Johnson flew solo from London to Austra... Read More

UN and DFID join hands for Nepal Covid fight

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- The Covid-19 pandemic hit Nepal much later than the rest of the world, and now the country is being battered by a surge of positive cases. Hospitals arerunning out of beds for th... Read More

India-Bangladesh border talks have lessons for Nepal

Kathmandu, Aug. 23 -- The 4,156km border between India and Bangladesh is the fifth longest land border in the world - even longer than the 3488km India-China border. They inherited the boundary from t... Read More

"Domestic flights need to resume so the economy can take off"

Kathmandu, Aug. 22 -- Nepali Times: What is the collateral damage to Nepal's airline industry from the lockdown? Birendra Basnet:We are down to zero. The worry is how can we take off again and reach ... Read More

Pandemic brings new Tij tune

Kathmandu, Aug. 21 -- Streets of Kathmandu that would have otherwise been brimming with women in red singing at intersections were deserted on Friday during this year's Tij festival. Forty of Nepal 77... Read More

Nepal to open regular flights from 1 September

Kathmandu, Aug. 21 -- After the outrage over the government's abrupt cancellation of scheduled repatriation flights on 16 August, the Cabinet has announced conditions for passengers coming to Nepal on... Read More