The full picture on phone cameras

Kathmandu, Feb. 8 -- There was a time when smartphone shoppers looked for phones packed with every feature they could possibly need. Everybody wanted a phone that is a radio, torch, camera, Internet p... Read More

The long wait before flight

Kathmandu, Feb. 8 -- Overseas migration is picking up slowly after the Covid-19 pandemic, but problems faced by Nepali workers abroad remain intact. The Nepal Government stopped issuing labour permit... Read More

Heavy snowfall over Nepal Himalaya

Kathmandu, Feb. 7 -- Heavy snowfall from Thursday to Saturday over Nepal has blanketed high villages in up to 0.5m of snow, obstructing road and air traffic, ending a prolonged drought and putting out... Read More

Call to ease entry of tourists to Nepal

Kathmandu, Feb. 7 -- Nepal's tourism industry has come down heavily on the government for not streamliningthe process for entry of foreign visitors even afterfour months of opening the sector to limit... Read More

How weather elevates air pollution in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Feb. 6 -- Kathmandu Valley witnessed hazardous levels of air pollution on 4-5 January 2021, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) highest among cities in the world that week. The pollution level... Read More

Rowing to educate Nepal children

Kathmandu, Feb. 5 -- Four members of a boat that took part in the world's most challenging competition to raise money for schools in Nepal have come third in a grueling trans-Atlantic rowing race. Ca... Read More

Next up for vaccines: elderly Nepalis

Kathmandu, Feb. 5 -- The Ministry of Health has assured the public that there will be enough free Covid-19 vaccines for everyone above 18, after the first phase of inoculating frontline workers is com... Read More

Oli's tit-for-tat show of force

Kathmandu, Feb. 5 -- The tit-for-tat show of force between rival factions of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) continued on Friday with Prime Minister K P Oli choosing the symbolic venue of the f... Read More

Rain ends 4-month Nepal drought

Kathmandu, Feb. 5 -- After suffering a four-month drought since the end of the monsoon last year, a westerly front finally dumped snow in the higher reaches of the Nepal Himalaya on Friday. At lower ... Read More

Nothing doing

Kathmandu, Feb. 4 -- Thanks to the Nahal-Depal faction of the Nepal Commissary Party, those of us nostalgic about this country's glorious past could on Thursday once more relive some of our fondest me... Read More