Nepal leads in snow leopard study

Kathmandu, May 17 -- What has helped save the endangered snow leopard thus far is that it lives in the world's most inhospitable mountain terrain. But this is changing as new roads improve access, mak... Read More

UNICEF urges G7 to dispatch vaccines

Kathmandu, May 17 -- UNICEF has made an urgent appeal ahead of a G7 summit next month to ask developed countries to release some of their vaccine stockpiles to fight the second wave of the Covid-19 pa... Read More

Rural Nepal fights back Covid-19

Kathmandu, May 17 -- Setting the example for the rest of the country that is ata breaking pointdue to the lack of hospital beds, oxygen and ventilators for Covid-19 patients, local governments in part... Read More

"Nepal is a priority for vaccine shipments"

Kathmandu, May 16 -- The existing Infectious Disease Act gives the government the power to punish those flouting rules to stop the spread of communicable diseases. But the situation is serious, and ma... Read More

Covid-19 numbers slightly down in Nepal

Kathmandu, May 16 -- On Sunday, Nepal reported 7,368 new cases with a slight decline in test positivity rate, which at 37% with 19,883 tests is still much higher than neighbouring India. Kathmandu Val... Read More

Nepal's diaspora comes to the rescue

Kathmandu, May 15 -- Nepal's migrant workers in West Asia, who wereleft largely to fend for themselvesby their government when the pandemic hit last year, have come to the rescue of their homeland whi... Read More

Patan's Red God rises

Kathmandu, May 15 -- Contrary to last year, Patan's Machindranath festival concluded with peaceful procession of the rain god's chariot on Saturday. In an event attended by limited devotees, voluntee... Read More

Two Nepals in the Death Zone

Kathmandu, May 15 -- "It is estimated around 6% of cases become critically ill. By this point the body is starting to fail and there is a real chance of death.. the immune system is now spiralling out... Read More

I'm down, but not out

Kathmandu, May 15 -- In early April, the coronavirus cases were at an all-time low and we were reporting from Janakpur, and the surrounding border region for two episodes of Himalmedia'sSaglo Samajwee... Read More

Ass as Prime Minister

Kathmandu, May 14 -- If only Eh-malay alpha males didn't have the if-I-don't-win-I-won't-play mentality, we would by now have a Tarai Fast Track, piped gas in every home and ocean-going container ship... Read More