US ban on Malaysian glove exporter affects Nepalis

Kathmandu, Oct. 11 -- The recent suspension of exports from the Malaysia-based WRP Asia-Pacific, a glove manufacturer, by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Detention Orders has been hailed as... Read More

Kathmandu flight disruptions on weekend

Kathmandu, Oct. 11 -- Passengers have been warned to face disruptions in international and domestic flights at Kathmandu on Saturday and Sunday due to the movement of visiting Chinese President Xi Jin... Read More

Court orders Mahara arrest

Kathmandu, Oct. 6 -- The Kathmandu District Court on Sunday ordered the arrest of former Speaker of the Nepal Parliament, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who resigned from his post last week after an allegati... Read More

Mahara arrested

Kathmandu, Oct. 6 -- Police on Sunday evening arrested Krishna Bahadur Mahara who resigned as Speaker of Nepal's Parliament last week for allegedly raping a female staff member. Police arrived at th... Read More

Satisfying trekker appetite for adventure

Kathmandu, Oct. 5 -- An assortment of French cheeses, appetisers and wine sit atop a stately table adorned with a purple tablecloth against the backdrop of snow-capped Himalaya and clear blue skies. ... Read More

Food of the royals

Kathmandu, Oct. 5 -- Nepal's Rana dynasty ruled for just over 100 years, building ornate neo-classical palaces with vast manicured gardens copied from Victorian England, while the aristocrats wore mag... Read More

Plot thickens in Nepal Speaker rape case

Kathmandu, Oct. 5 -- The on-again, off-again saga of the rape allegation against the Speaker of Nepal's Parliament took on a new twist after the victim lodged a formal complaint with the Police on Fri... Read More

Jazz returns to the 'Mandu

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- If it is October, it must be Dasain in Kathmandu. And it must be time for Jazzmandu. This year, the 17th edition of the Kathmandu Jazz Festival returns with artists from all over ... Read More

The superfoods of the Andes and the Himalaya

Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- The nutritious grain that mountain peoples of the Americas and high Asia cultivated were displaced by wheat and rice, but they are staging a comeback thanks to growing public cons... Read More


Kathmandu, Oct. 4 -- It is once more that time of year when Nepalis eat, drink, and make merry in family reunions. Dasain is what binds the Nepali world, together with our shared history and culture. ... Read More