How to talk to your children ABOUT COVID-19

New Delhi, March 27 -- At the OneUp Library in Vasant Vihar, Delhi, small groups of two-three children can be seen practising the elbow bump to avoid shaking hands. A three-year-old, after a rather ri... Read More

Women lead the way in N-E Delhi

New Delhi, March 27 -- Aresident of Bhajanpura in north-east Delhi, Uzma, 32, had been an active member of her community-she would help women in the locality who needed loans with their documentation.... Read More

'We want to bring new technologies to India'

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Travel in the age of contagion

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Pharma: steady domestic demand lends support, valuations stay mixed

New Delhi, March 27 -- Pharmaceutical companies,together with most other firms,werenot spared by the coronavirus sell-off. However,mosthavenot beenasbadly scarredasmanyf ront-line stocks. In the past ... Read More

Will Covid-19 blunt HDFC Bank's edge over peers?

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Accenture's outlook dim, but biz is coping up well

New Delhi, March 27 -- Accenture Plc.'s latest quarterly results offer some reassurance to information technology( IT)investors,who are otherwise rattledbythe coronavirus disruption. TheITservices beh... Read More

Short term looks rough for HUL, but long-term prospects seem better

New Delhi, March 27 -- The Hindustan Unilever Ltd(HUL) stock wasabig gainer in the Nifty FMCG(fastmovingconsumer goods) index on Friday. Thestock surged as much as 11.6%compared to the8%riseinthe sect... Read More

With one too many blows, Nifty Auto index down more than 60%

New Delhi, March 27 -- The lockdownofoperations by most auto original equipmentmanufacturersand componentsuppliers crashes hopesofany near-termrecoveryinsales. Theindustry wasalready facingmultiplehea... Read More