Historic touchdown moment of rover Pragyan of Chandrayaan 2 to be watched by PM Modi in Bengaluru

India, Sept. 7 -- ISRO in a statement said that the lander Vikram was scheduled to powered descent between 0100 to 0200 hrs IST on September 7, which would be followed by touchdown of Lander between 0... Read More

Toshihiko Kizu talks passion for cinematography and 'The Flesh of My Lovers'

India, Sept. 7 -- Growing up in the countryside outside of Tokyo, Japan, Toshihiko Kizu was not exposed to the beauty of the arts. However, the more he would watch movies, they began to evolve from an... Read More

Oldies remember painful 'Muga Bano Punishment' on Teachers' Day and yoga experts see great therapeutic value in it

India, Sept. 7 -- If you are over 50 years of age and come from a small town or a village of Haryana, you must have received the "Murga Bano" corporal punishment by your schools teachers to discipline... Read More

Followers of Jainisms in Toronto celebrate Daslakshan Parva

India, Sept. 5 -- The followers of Jainisms in Toronto - the capital city of Canada - are celebrating week-long Daslakshan Parva or Paryushana, which is deemed as a holy time during Bhadrapad Month's ... Read More

Is India doing what's necessary to fight desertification? Part-I

India, Sept. 5 -- On the eve of United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification from September 2 to 3, almost 33% of India's all out land is confronting cruel degradation. India has a progression... Read More

Composer Weijun Chen creates stunning chamber piece 'Dancer'

India, Sept. 5 -- Elegant, beautiful, and meticulously crafted. These are the most common adjectives listeners use to describe Weijun Chen's work. As an industry-leading Chinese classical composer, he... Read More

An Ideal teacher from Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's point of view

India, Sept. 5 -- As we celebrate the Teacher's Day-2019 on September 5, the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, we must reflect on his qualities and thoughts who himself was an exemplar... Read More

Moharrum and the genesis of the Tragedy of Karbala .... Part III

India, Sept. 5 -- Without a brief discussion about the controversial figure of Islamic history - Amir Muawiya, the Governor of Syria, popularly known as Ameer-e-Shaam, we can't understand the rise of ... Read More

Doodle marks Teachers' Day with sketch doodle depicting emergent roles of teachers

India, Sept. 5 -- On the occasion of Teachers Day, celebrated in India to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on September 5, internet search engine giant Google has put up a doo... Read More

IPCC Report on Climate Change: Threat to health, water, food and land!

India, Sept. 5 -- Warning: Meat will critically affect climate change! Atmosphere is changing at a quickened pace due to climate change. Furthermore, the results are being searched the world with expa... Read More