Grim and solemn Easter in France: Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral's destruction by fire last week and the massacre on Sunday in Sri Lanka

India, April 22 -- In France Easter Sunday was subdued due destruction of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral by fire last week and the bloodshed on Sunday in Sri Lanka due to serial blasts leaving many dead ... Read More

Love's different dialects in Yingli Cheng's Lily

India, April 22 -- What is love and how does it communicate? Filmmaker Yingli Cheng illustrates the complications of the international and familial iterations of this in the film Lily. Some people ar... Read More

Pope Francis at Easter Urbi et Orbi prays for Kingdom Of God, Love, Peace and Fraternity

India, April 22 -- After the Easter Mass in Vatican, in his Easter Urbi et Orbi address, Pope Francis said, "Christ is alive and he remains with us," adding that the light of 'the Risen Christ shines ... Read More

Discovering care and cure

India, April 22 -- This informative documentary film by Siyi Wu depicts the integration of traditional Chinese medicine in the US. Healthcare is at the forefront of daily news media topics in the US.... Read More

Christ symbolises principles of humanism, love and truth: President Kovind on Easter

India, April 22 -- On the occasion of Easter, April 21, President Ram Nath Kovind, in his message said, "On the occasion of Easter, I extend my greetings and best wishes to all fellow citizens, especi... Read More

A visit to Manikaran Temple in Himachal Pradesh

India, April 22 -- There are plenty of tales about the Manikaran shrine. This shrine is situated at the height of 2650 meters or 7956 feet from the sea level, in Manikarn town that is in Kullu distric... Read More

Five-petaled Starfish flower is deemed proud possession of gardening hobbyist

India, April 22 -- Five-petaled starfish flower blooms during the beginning of summer on cactus-like plants. In fact, starfish flower plants are not exactly cacti but are members of the succulent grou... Read More

Shaping international films with editor Peiqi Duan

India, April 22 -- From China to Hollywood, Peiqi "Peggy" Duan is an editor who boasts an impressive resume of small and big budget films. She's an example of what it takes to be a major success in to... Read More

Jaipur Muslims celebrate Shab-e-Barat with prayers, devotion and gaiety

India, April 22 -- In Jaipur, April 20, was marked by celebration of Shab-e-Barat as it is believed that on this night Allah Tala descends to the nearest heaven or the Earth for granting absolution or... Read More

Google celebrates Earth Day with animated doodle of amazing creatures of the planet

India, April 22 -- Internet search engine giant Google has wished the visitors to its home page "Happy Earth Day 2019!" with an animated doodle of Wandering Albatross - the widest wingspan of any livi... Read More