Gene Therapy for Macular Degeneration

Chennai, March 21 -- Highlights: * Scientists have developed a safe gene therapy alternative for retinal blindness. * In people with retinal blindness, medium-wavelength cone opsin (MW-opsin) is not... Read More

Occupational Asthma

Chennai, March 21 -- What is Occupational Asthma? Occupational asthma (OA) is a type of asthma that occurs due to inhalation of various types of irritants, chemical fumes, dust, and other toxic subst... Read More

World Down Syndrome Day - Calling Everyone To Action

Chennai, March 20 -- Highlights : * World Down Syndrome Day is observed on the 21st March annually to raise awareness about this fairly common genetic condition and to support persons with Down //syn... Read More

Ayurveda Decoded-Which Type Are You?

Chennai, March 20 -- Overview Behind the scenes: The word 'Ayurveda' comes from ' ayus' meaning life and ' veda ' meaning knowledge. The earliest Ayurvedic texts are over 2000 years old and are now ... Read More

Are Mushrooms Good or Bad?

Chennai, March 20 -- About Mushrooms are true wonder foods. They are basically the fruiting bodies of certain fungi. However, not all mushrooms are edible. There are also those mushrooms that are poi... Read More

World Head Injury Awareness Day: So Protect Your Head!

Chennai, March 20 -- Highlights: * World Head Injury Awareness Day is celebrated on 20th March every year * Aims to generate awareness about the dangers of head injuries among the general //public ... Read More

Robots Understand a Dementia Patient's Joy and Sorrow

Chennai, March 20 -- Highlights: * Robots are being developed that are receptive to the joys and sorrows of dementia patients and cater to their needs accordingly * These robots will have many //hum... Read More

Amla Can Treat Diabetes Naturally: Here's How

Chennai, March 20 -- Highlights: * Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla can be used as a natural remedy to treat diabetes// * Eating one amla a day can control your blood sugar levels and help you ... Read More

World Oral Health Day - 'Say Ahh: Act on the Mouth'

Chennai, March 19 -- Highlights * World Oral Health Day is observed on 20th March every year * The main objective of the campaign is to create public awareness on oral health and dental hygiene // ... Read More

Hormonal Headaches

Chennai, March 19 -- What are Hormonal Headaches? Hormonal headaches are headaches that occur due to variations in the levels of hormones, in particular, estrogen. Headaches in both men and women can... Read More