The rise of advanced robotics in industrial manufacturing

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McKinsey: 3 actions to consider for recovery from COVID-19

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McKinsey: Five ways to manage pandemic-driven demand

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Deloitte Insights: Smart factories leading to greater value

U.S, Sept. 21 -- Research conducted by Deloitte Insights has found that 86 percent of manufacturers in the US believe that smart factories will be the main driver of competition by 2025; furthermore, ... Read More

Ericsson to acquire Cradlepoint for US$1.1bn in 5G drive

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Arm: how IoT helps retailers adapt to increased demand

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Alibaba launches China factory in manufacturing drive

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What Is Industry 4.0?

U.S., Sept. 16 -- Industry 4.0 is the name given to the current phase of industrial revolution. It is the integration of smart digital technology and manufacturing and places an emphasis on automation... Read More

Nokia launches upgraded SON software to drive 5G

U.S., Sept. 15 -- Nokia cognitive SON removes the traditional operator console and replaces it with an objective driven dashboard, allowing real-time solution deployments and increased productivity. T... Read More

Automotive Manufacturing during Covid - Ford

U.S., Sept. 14 -- Earlier this year, Ford released its "Return to Work Manufacturing Playbook" accessible on their website, it details the processes and procedures in place during the pandemic. They... Read More