TIA promises to end the Huawei security debate, once and for all

India, July 9 -- Is Huawei's equipment secure or not? Right now, the answer to that question depends largely on who you ask. But the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) trade group hopes to... Read More

RtBrick unveils two new APIs

PRINCETON, NJ, July 9 -- RtBrick has extended its cloud-native approach to telco networks by offering two new APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) into its software. RtBrick is already known for ... Read More

Haivision snaps up P2P video tech startup Teltoo

India, July 9 -- Teltoo, a peer-to-peer software startup with links to the cable industry, has found its exit. Looking to beef up its budding video delivery business and take greater aim at low-laten... Read More

BT, Vodafone warn of blackouts if not given five years to be Huawei-free

India, July 9 -- BT and Vodafone would need at least five years to phase Huawei out of their UK networks if they are to minimize service outages and other disruption for existing customers, senior tec... Read More

Eurobites: KCOM calls on ADVA to help it reach 10 Gbit/s in Hull

India, July 9 -- Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom helps digitalize air traffic control; Orange gets the IoT call from McConnell Dowell; Dundee in line for larger slice of BT cak... Read More

Use of multiple public cloud providers adds to security headaches report

India, July 9 -- A new report released by cybersecurity specialist Sophos provides worrying figures about the poor state of cloud security at enterprises globally, claiming that 70% of organizations e... Read More

Padtec expands capacity in Brazil

India, July 9 -- Telecall, a Rio de Janeiro telecommunications services operator, is investing in expanded coverage and increased transmission capacity of its DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex... Read More

Five quintessential questions for Quibi

India, July 9 -- Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg's short-form, mobile-focused video streaming service, has encountered tough sledding since its launch on April 6. After locking in lots of funding (about $1... Read More

Battle of the billionaires: Ergen and Dell face off against Musk over 12GHz

India, July 9 -- Dish Network's billionaire Chairman Charlie Ergen met with Republican FCC commissioners this week, urging them to allow 5G operations in the 12GHz band where his companies own a signi... Read More

'Long way to go' to commercial network slicing, says China expert

India, July 9 -- While China operators are running advanced network slicing trials, a senior researcher has warned the technology is a long way short of being commercially ready. Zhang Jing, a standa... Read More