ICRA : Recent developments in power sec credit positive for mini-hydros

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- ICRA Lanka views recent developments in the hydro power sector to be credit positive. We based our assessment on three factors, (1) availability of sufficient water flows (run of... Read More

Land an investment tool: Creates greater appeal for affluent

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- Land has been a commodity that has been looked upon as an investment for generations. The general understanding is to obtain land for housing or commercial purposes. However, lan... Read More

Opinion: Girls in STEM, How is Sri Lanka faring?

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- Ashani Abayasekara Written for International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February 2020 Sri Lanka is well recognised as a leader in gender-equal education in the dev... Read More

Sri Lanka economy on the mend in 2020 : Will look at new IMF deal

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- A revival in economic activity can be expected in 2020 with the support of better fiscal and monetary measures with Sri Lanka also looking at a fresh deal with the IMF, a senior ... Read More

Disclosure statement on Lanka IOC by Fitch Ratings

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- Fitch Ratings, making a disclosure in response to market enquiries about ratings of LIOC, said that they did not provide ratings or analytical coverage of Lanka IOC beyond 1 Febr... Read More

HNB Finance first IPO since January 2018

Sri Lanka, Feb. 11 -- HNB Finance Limited, a licensed finance company has obtained approval from the Colombo Stock Exchange to list its voting and non-voting ordinary shares. The ordinary voting shar... Read More

VIDEO: How to stay calm under pressure

Sri Lanka, Feb. 10 -- Your favorite athlete closes in for a win; the crowd holds its breath, and at the crucial moment . she misses the shot. That competitor just experienced the phenomenon known as "... Read More

Oscars 2020: 'Parasite' wins best picture & makes history

Sri Lanka, Feb. 10 -- The 2020 Academy Awards belonged to "Parasite" and became the first foreign-language film to claim the award and the first South Korean film ever to win an Oscar. The South Kore... Read More

Central Environment Authority awards Melting Point Certification to ODEL

Sri Lanka, Feb. 10 -- The Central Environment Authority (CEA) recently awarded ODEL PLC Sri Lanka the 'Melting Point Certification' as a certified partner of its aluminum upcycling project. The latest... Read More

Effective Leadership for the New Digital Age

Sri Lanka, Feb. 9 -- Leaders in this new age need to inspire, engage and lead with optimism. Digital leadership is about empowering others to lead and creating self-organized teams that optimize their... Read More