US to facilitate $85m funds for the strategic Chabahar port equipment purchase

Afghanistan, Dec. 27 -- United States has given a 'written' assurance to India that will help facilitate global banks to fund the purchase of equipment worth $85 million to be erected at Chabahar port... Read More

10-year old child girl 'raped' at a 'religious school' in west of Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- A 10-year old Afghan child girl was raped at a religious school in west of Afghanistan on Thursday, officials confirmed. Rahila Naderi, the provincial women's affairs director... Read More

Several rare antelopes of Salang mountains killed, police in search of hunters

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- Unknown hunters have killed several rare antelopes of Salang mountains on Wednesday, said officials. Four rare antelopes of Afghanistan have been killed by some residents of P... Read More

Taliban releases Afghan peace marchers without harm

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- Taliban has released 27 abducted members of peace marches group who were kidnapped while traveling to western parts of Afghanistan. Bismillah Watan Dost, a spokesman for the P... Read More

Afghan security forces rescued a kidnapped businessman, arrested gang in Kabul

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- Afghan security forces have rescued a businessman who was abducted by a kidnapping gang early this week, Afghan National Security Directorate said in a statement. According to... Read More

The body of a US soldier killed in fight with Taliban arrives home at Christmas

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- The dead body of Green Beret, an American soldier who lost his life in fight with Taliban arrived at Dover Air Force base, US media reported. The 33-year-old Green Beret from ... Read More

A car explosion in northern Balkh province kills 6 Afghan soldiers

Afghanistan, Dec. 26 -- A car bomb explosion claimed the life of 6 Afghan soldiers in northern Balkh province on Thursday, Ministry of Defense said in a statement. According to a press statement publ... Read More

Modi steps in as Ghani's statement creates confusions regarding Afghan election results

Afghanistan, Dec. 25 -- The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi issued a brief statement via Twitter after a statement by President Ghani created confusions regarding the preliminary election result... Read More

Afghan Special Forces kill Taliban's shadow district chief during a raid in Herat

Afghanistan, Dec. 25 -- The Afghan Special Forces killed the shadow district chief of Taliban for Shindand district of Herat province during an operation in Keshk-e Kohna district. According to a sta... Read More

ISI-ISIS sponsored suicide bombings will target Indian missions in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Dec. 25 -- An Intelligence Bureau report has said that there is a plot that has been hatched to bomb the Indian missions in Afghanistan, OneIndia reported on Wednesday. The report furthe... Read More