A Change for Good

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Every Japanese is aware of the practice of Kaizen. Even if some may not know the meaning of the word Kaizen, they are living it. Kai + zen means change+good, change for good, bett... Read More

Give Peace a Chance

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Hate... division... discrimination ...demonisation .... denigration ...conflict...violence... war! The reality which has taken centre-stage has gripped India and the world at larg... Read More

Monitor Gig Economy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Coined in the US in 2009, the term "gig economy", which refers to various forms of temporary employment, has, over the years, utterly changed the way we think about work. An auto... Read More

Some Thoughts on Yatras

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- The mainstream media has kept a brutal silence over the Bharat Jodo Yatra of Rahul Gandhi. However, the social media has been consistently reporting the movement, dynamics, and re... Read More

Action, not Rhetoric, Matters

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Gujarat elections call for deeper reflection in view of 2024. Do non-BJP parties have an understanding with the Ruling Regime that they will divide the votes in such a way that th... Read More

A Year of Betrayal: Let's Hope for the Best

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Betrayal is the worst condition for a person to accept. World literature is littered with instances of betrayal by the lover, whether man or woman. Nothing illustrates betrayal be... Read More

Holy Things to the Holy

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- The unexpected turnout of events and commotions happened in St Mary's Basilica in Ernakulam, Kerala during this Christmas season has severely wounded the sentiments of the Catholi... Read More

Sacrilege at Ernakulam Basilica

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Christmas is the most important festival of Christians all over the world, and it is a day of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, Christmas 2022 was the saddest Christmas for the fa... Read More

Christians Told to Convert to Hinduism: Report

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- In the light of the disturbing violence meted out to the residents of numerous villages of Narayanpur and Kondagaon districts in Chhattisgarh, the Centre for Study of Society and ... Read More

Without Home, Help and Hope: An Adivasi Christmas Story

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- In Metropolitan towns, including the national capital of Delhi, Christians celebrated Christmas under the protective shadow of the guns held by police pickets at their gates. Ther... Read More