Demonetisation Unlawful: Dissenting Verdict

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- Six years after the notification of the Central Government demonetising Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes, a five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice S. Abdul N... Read More

Justice Nagarathna: The Courage of ONE

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- Justice B V Nagarathna is making waves! In the first two working days of the Supreme Court in 2023, she gave dissenting judgment, not once but twice in quick succession. In both i... Read More

Communalization of Tribals

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- In the past in Gujarat, Hindu-Muslim riots have taken place in towns in Adivasi areas, without involving the Adivasis, as for example in places like Virpur, Bardoli, Sanjeli, Rand... Read More

No Praise too High for Benedict XVI

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- While the whole world mourns the death of Pope Benedict XVI, who made an indelible mark as an outstanding intellectual and theologian, we want to recall how his theology came acro... Read More

Benedict XVI: An Intellectual Lodestar

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- Noor Fatima was a friend and actor. She had a small but memorable role in Richard Attenborough's Oscar-winning film Gandhi. Those who saw the movie would remember a poor woman tak... Read More

Workers and Covid: Job Guarantee As Good As Dead

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- As if two years were not enough, Covid-19 is striking again in full steam, albeit in a different avatar. China, Japan, France, Brazil and the US have witnessed a sudden increase i... Read More

India vs Bharat: Divide Deepens

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- New Year 2023 gift to Indians by the present regime was fabulous and fantastic. Cooking gas cylinder price was raised Rs 25 and the present price is Rs 1,055. Even the 'godi media... Read More

Wages Down, Joblessness Jumps

NEW DELHI, Jan. 9 -- A double whammy hit Indian workers in 2022. The real wages of workers recorded a drastic fall, especially after the pandemic. At another end, the unemployment rate, except in the ... Read More

Forum of Religious Pleads for Freedom in Liturgical Practices

NEW DELHI, Jan. 6 -- "Freedom in Liturgical Practices may be given, provided they do not cause any harm to the Gospel values and Pastoral concerns," said the Forum of Religious for Justice and Peace i... Read More

Bob's Banter by Robert Clements New Year and the Vanishing Sheriff..!

NEW DELHI, Jan. 2 -- Some of the saddest incidents that took place in the US, were blacks being lynched! Artist sketches of the macabre event showed terror on their faces and diametrically opposite e... Read More