Whither Manipur University?

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- The question is can an Acting VC supersede a valid lawful order issued by the Administrator who enjoy the full-fledged powers of a regular VC? If such acts are brought to the notic... Read More

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel 'Wonka' set for 2023 release

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- 'Wonka', directed by Paul King, is a fantasy film about the candy architect Willy Wonka's younger days. Wonka, a fantasy film about the candy architect Willy Wonka's younger days ... Read More

Former Arunachal Pradesh Governor Mata Prasad passes away

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- Mata Prasad was appointed Governor of Arunachal Pradesh in 1993. Former Arunachal Pradesh governor Mata Prasad passed away in the wee hours of Wednesday following multi-organ fail... Read More

Manipur receives 48,000 more doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- Manipur had received its first consignment of 54,000 doses of Covishield vaccine on January 14. Manipur on Wednesday received the second consignment of COVID-19 vaccine Covishield... Read More

Immune system remembers Covid-19 infection for at least six months, say researchers

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- Recent studies suggest that immunity in COVID-19 infected patients can last for a long while. COVID-19 immunity can be different for everybody, according to the findings of severa... Read More

COVID-19: Seven more recover in Nagaland

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- Only one new COVID-19 positive case was recorded in Nagaland on Wednesday. Nagaland on Wednesday recorded one new COVID-19 case, pushing the total tally to 12,067 while the number... Read More

Manipur contractors appeal state government to release pending funds for road construction works

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- If delay in releasing of funds continues then the PMGSY scheme may become a total failure in Manipur, says convenor of AMCF Th Somarendro. The All Manipur Contractors' Forum (AMCF... Read More

PM Modi to chair all-party meeting on January 30 ahead of Union Budget

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- The all-party meeting is slated to begin at 11.30 am. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will chair an all-party meeting on January 30, according to reports. As per the reports, Parlia... Read More

Old age always 15 winters away!

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- The Birthday which was a matter of nominal enjoyment in childhood turned absolutely irrelevant in early adulthood. Birthday. Is this absolute natural phenomenon indeed deserves su... Read More

Relevance of Satyajit Ray

Manipur, Jan. 20 -- On the birth centenary year of Satyajit Ray, let's have a look at some of his epic films and relevance of it in current perspective. Pather Panchali: Debut film of Satyajit Ray wh... Read More